Main types of marketing and their characteristics

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All types of marketing are generally directedon the study of existing product markets and the search for ways to sell goods, as well as to maximize the number of consumers, that is, to expand the target audience. Ultimately, the work done should increase the profits that enterprises receive from their core business. Types of marketing vary depending on market conditions, the economic situation in the country, the level of demand and supply, and many other factors.

So, the main types of marketing and their characteristics.

Global marketing is this waystudying the market, which covers the whole world community. That is, in this case there is no division into separate national or regional groups, and all operations on the market constitute a single activity of production and marketing of products.

Also distinguish such types of marketing asdifferentiated and integrated. At the first, the market is divided into separate segments or groups of homogeneous goods or services, similar to the marketing policy that is being implemented. Due to this, specialists plan to thoroughly study each segment and, accordingly, develop the most effective concept of attracting customers. Integrated marketing implies a unity between the internal and external markets, that is, the policy on them is conducted on the same criteria. Thus, it is supposed to satisfy the requirements of buyers at all levels to the maximum. Therefore, the work of the organization will be based solely on the desires and requirements of the target audience of consumers.

There are types of marketing that are beyondThe basis is taken by a personal relationship with the client. These include interactive, which focuses not only on the quality of the work performed, but also on the degree of customer satisfaction. This kind is often used in the service sector, as here there is a direct contact with the client. In this matter, the work of the personnel service is very important, because the level of trust of the consumer group to the products offered by the firm depends on how friendly the employee of this or that company is.

A concentrated type of marketing is applied tosmall business enterprises that distribute manufactured goods in selected small segments of the market. The purpose of studying the various sales options is to take the lead in a particular segment. And for this, the organization will have to spend more money to attract a highly qualified specialist who will be able to develop quick, but effective ways to gain customer confidence.

In mass production usuallymass marketing is also used. Of course, the production of goods in large quantities requires a wide range of consumption, and therefore the sale is carried out in full. In this case, the experts are not so much oriented towards the client's desire, how many are engaged in the development of minimization of costs. And this is not surprising, because with such marketing activities, even those consumers who completely abandoned the purchase of these goods are taken into account.

Recently, there has been a widedistribution of such types of marketing, as multi-channel and network. The first associates its activities with the expansion of product distribution, for example, through the implementation of retail and wholesale trade. It is based on attracting as many as possible like-minded people. It can be identified with a network type of marketing, that is, its task is to interest a maximum of people, telling about the advantages of a particular company. In the modern world, such a system is actively used in the distribution of cosmetics of foreign manufacturers.

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