The purpose of advertising: to force you to buy goods

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The main goal of advertising is informing

Indeed, advertising in our lives so much thatwe do not realize how it affects our lives. And the impact is, and not a little. Check your home purchases and analyze: how much of this you saw in advertising. I assure you, the result will be interesting. After all, what is the meaning of such concepts as advertising and PR? Also what is it generally such? Advertising - is the introduction of information about a product or service to the buyer's market for the purpose of marketing. In turn, PR is a certain policy of the company, aimed at the formation of harmonious relations between the producer and the consumer. The goals of advertising and PR are intertwined.

advertising goals and pr
But advertising has a greater impact on the audience. In general, advertising has one basic meaning: to inform potential buyers about the product or service. The effectiveness of advertising depends on how successful this information is, i.e. how much increase the sales of a particular product. The main goal of advertising can be formulated as follows: to generate demand, stimulating sales. Thus, by attracting buyers is attracted. But the purpose of advertising, or any specific advertising campaign, can vary depending on the object of advertising. For example, in different situations, the customer wants to advertise various aspects and aspects of the product. It can be informing the buyer about the product itself and its features (for example, powder X - displays stains in three minutes). Advertising can point to the place or event associated with the product (powder X - from August 31 to 10% cheaper) or about solving a certain problem (powder X is now more effective!).

It is important to keep the buyer's attention and interest

purpose of advertising
Of course, the purpose of advertising impliesbroader and deeper focus. In general, they can be represented in the form of the following algorithm. First you need to attract the attention of the buyer. To do this, there are a lot of tricks and tricks in advertising, but the main thing is that the potential client switched to a specific product. Further it is necessary to maintain interest in the buyer. It is clear that attracting attention is not enough to force a person to make the right purchase. The client should be interested in the proposed products, he should understand why a particular product is necessary for him. The next point in our algorithm is well-known information. In order to evoke a long interest in the buyer, he needs to be available to present information regarding the product. Information should contain: a list of product characteristics, among which the buyer determines for himself what is needed specifically for him; place where you can buy the goods; clarification of all potentially incomprehensible points. In short, you need to maximally simplify the purchase for the customer.
advertising goals
After all, given that advertising affectsthe attention of the consumer, in no case can we not allow the perception to interfere with the issues arising on the way. The client will not think long and understand what he does not understand. Information about the product should be as clear as possible, as clearly should be why the customer should buy this product. This is the main purpose of advertising.

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