The main consequences of unemployment

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Unemployment is a social andeconomic phenomenon, where the able-bodied part of the population can not find a job, that is, can not find an application for their work. The reasons for unemployment can be many factors, the main reason is the excess of the number of people who want to find work, over the number of workers available places.

As a result of the fact that people are trying, but can not find a job, the consequences of unemployment are revealed. There are two concepts of the effects of unemployment - social and economic.

The social consequence of unemployment is that,that in this case the labor resources are underutilized. The society strives to ensure that its resources fully ensure the realization of the production potential. In other words, it can be said that the attraction of resources does not completely negatively affect society, here the principle that needs to be effectively used is violated. Unemployment can affect the entire economic side of the country. Also, unemployment can cause psychological trauma to people who are left without work. These people feel themselves inferior and unnecessary, superfluous in society. It's not for nothing that doctors claim that the effects of unemployment have a negative impact on the mental and physical state of people, they begin to experience malaise, headaches and insomnia.

Unemployment has a very strong effect on young people,which graduate from educational institutions. Having become educated, the youth tries to find a suitable job for themselves, but, meanwhile, they are denied due to lack of professional training.

Some experts argue that the consequencesUnemployment can go to such a point as death or prison. This is commented on by the fact that unemployed people who are in a psychological negative mood are extremely pessimistic and may take the side of the criminal environment. That is why in every country the problem of unemployment is in the first place. The consequences of unemployment-can be attributed to - a decrease in income in the family, exacerbation of family relations and social tension in society.

From the point of view of the economic side, the consequencesunemployment leads to serious social and economic costs. The most important negative consequence is the non-working condition of citizens who are able-bodied, and this, in turn, leads to a reduction in economic potential. Thus, it can be said that unemployment hinders the development of society, and also contributes to the underutilization of productive resources. And as a result of this, the growth of the economy is declining, the growth of the increase in GNP is stopped.

In the West, a notion such as unemployment types and its consequences is seen from several sides:

- unemployment can arise as a result of too high wages;

- if there is a low demand for workers;

- if the labor market is not flexible and is conditioned by the specifics of the commodity as a labor force.

Unemployment types and its consequences come in several forms:

- Frictional or fluid unemployment, reflecting the turnover of staff, which is associated with the change of residence, workplace and other areas.

-Structural unemployment, which isa consequence of fluid unemployment. Here, perestroika occurs not only in the company, but also in the whole country. The fluidity of the labor force increases when new proportions are created, the interconnection is changed, and jobs are distributed. Structural unemployment is a very serious form, here the costs of retraining people, changing education and providing institutions for professional development, are very high.

- Institutional unemployment occurs when the work of the organization is not effective.

- Cyclic unemployment is the result of depression or crisis.

- Voluntary unemployment, when the unemployed themselves do not want to work.

- Hidden unemployment, when people work part-time, and the rest of working time are on forced leave.

- Stagnant unemployment, where workers work at home for only a few seasons, remain unemployed for the rest of the time.

Thus, the negative consequences of unemployment - a phenomenon that must be carefully combated, because it depends on life and the further relationship of people.

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