Marketing Concepts

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The modern world dictates its own conditions, its ownprinciples and rules that have an impact on all areas of people's lives. An exception is not such a sphere of life as marketing. This concept appeared relatively recently. Under marketing understand the principles of anticipating the needs of customers, as well as organizations through advertising. At the same time, a very important goal is pursued: to increase sales and make profits as high as possible.

For this, the marketing concepts are used.

If we turn to the economic literature, thenit becomes clear that the concept of marketing is the methods of doing business in a market economy. In other words, these are principles that are oriented toward profit and to the consumer.

Marketing concepts suggest the existence ofsome instrument of activity, as well as a set of regulations and rules that every company applying for leadership in a particular field should use. All these rules and regulations are subject to a single goal - to get the highest possible profit and satisfy all the needs of the consumer.

Economic science offers several basicconcepts. In general, they can all be divided into two categories. Classic models are among the first. To the second, the models are modern, more advanced.

So, classical marketing concepts likerule, are more theoretical in nature. They are not always relevant and adapted for real use in modern business. Nevertheless, if you set a goal to consider any business from different sides, then you should resort to classical concepts.

The classical concept of marketing is divided into the following categories:

  • Production, which considers issues related to the production of various products, as well as production technology.
  • Commodity, dealing with pricing, naming and brand management.
  • The concept of marketing is rightly called the most difficult. Sales is sales. Therefore, this concept implies the study of such aspect of business as the final contact of the product with the target audience and the establishment of relations with the subsequent conclusion of the transaction.

This concept is obsolete, because it is oriented to the production base, and in the twenty-first century - the century of technology and information - this approach is irrelevant.

Therefore, advanced, modernconcept of marketing. They take into account the impact of technological advances, information, the world wide web, automation on all aspects of society, including business.

The modern concept of marketing involvespermanent improvement of the products offered, as well as methods of doing business. This means that it is necessary to take such measures as will help increase the profitability of the business, increase its effectiveness, expand the range of products or services offered. To do this, it is necessary to improve the existing products, as well as to develop a new one.

Among new concepts, an increasing role is played bycalled email marketing. This is the most effective way to advertise a product or service. It can reach consumers around the world with minimal effort. It is possible to use not only the Internet, but also printed publications, television and radio, however, they are not so effective for reaching the global audience. E-marketing is also more accessible, and this is its undeniable advantage among all others.

To be a successful entrepreneur to leadship your business to promising horizons, it is worth knowing the concepts of marketing, and also spare no time to study new trends and trends.

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