Direct Marketing

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Marketing - is the satisfaction of goods or services of certain groups of people for the sake of which the company was created.

In the era of information technology and competitivebusiness warrior, marketing is an integral part of business management, because the right strategy will always be able to take the company to a new level or prevent its ruin.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a type of marketingcommunication, which is aimed at dialogue with individual consumers and is designed for instant response from it. Direct marketing can be carried out: individual sales, mail-letters, phone calls or mailing lists, in general, all those that can induce the consumer to buy or act.

Direct marketing can be divided into:

Single-stage - the consumer responds to the advertising message by purchasing the goods.

Two-stage - before the purchase the consumer must perform some action, for example, present a coupon or a check.

Negative choice - the consumer will receive messages until such time as he sends a refusal in writing.

Direct marketing is getting more and morepopularity in Russia, because it allows you to convey information to the consumer with minimal costs. Also one of the main advantages is the individuality of the message. A company that owns a database with information about consumers has the opportunity to handle and compose letters as if personally for the addressee, which increases the effectiveness of communication by almost 100%.

Direct marketing is

Every day, by going to an email, yousee the letters in the folder "spam" or booklets in the mailbox - this is direct marketing. Many messages do not reach the addressee or, after reaching, immediately go to the trash. To a person to assess whether he is interested in information, it takes only 2 seconds. After the first 2-second evaluation, he begins to read or throws into the basket. Entire teams are working to create presentations of products and services, so that the consumer at least read the message, and the whole art is to write the letter so that the consumer responds.

Direct marketing is not just about sending outproposals for all sorts of mailboxes, this is the personal communication of the sales manager with the client. This species is one of the most popular types of direct marketing in the world.

Let's look at direct marketing technologyby the example of the strategy of COLIN's stores "S. In 2006, COLIN" S introduced a discount card system. The cards were issued subject to the purchase and completion of the questionnaire. Based on the results of the questionnaire data, the buyers were analyzed and the target audience was identified. COLIN'S stores are a federal network, so each region and store has different CAs. Direct marketing (COLIN'S examples show that the choice of strategy should be integrated) in this case was effective.

Direct marketing examples
Thanks to the knowledge of its customers, the companyhas developed an effective direct marketing strategy - sms-mailing, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, which allowed the company to always stay in touch with its customers.

From this example we can see that any kind of marketing, including direct, is a complex multi-level process, which includes market research, the identification of a clear CA and the definition of a strategy.

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