Glasperlene sterilizer - guarantee of safe manicure procedures


The guarantee of safe manicure is sterileinstruments. Today, two types of sterilization devices are used: glasperlene and ultraviolet. Glasperlene sterilizer is most often used for gentle and rapid processing of a large number of instruments of small sizes. Since this equipment appeared on the market recently, the cost of large models is very appreciable, therefore only elite beauty salons can afford them. But compact sterilizers are quite affordable and have already earned popularity among ordinary nel-masters.

Glasperlene sterilizer for manicure tools: advantages

glasperene sterilizer
Devices for sterilization of manicure toolsquickly won the market, and it's not accidental, because before they appeared all the devices used to process and build nails, masters had to soak for a long time or boil in disinfectants. This method of sterilization negatively reflected on the tool, causing corrosion, blunt edges and deformation. And obsolete types of heat sterilizers were rather cumbersome and consumed an impressive amount of electricity.
Glasperlene sterilizer has a veryCompact dimensions - the largest model is not more than an ordinary microwave oven. In addition, qualitative disinfection of scissors, tweezers, cutters, needles and other tools can be carried out literally in a matter of seconds.

Glasperene Sterilizer Device

The dimensions and design of the devices may differ, but any glasperlenium ball sterilizer operates according to one principle, since disinfecting flasks have the same structure.

glasperlene sterilizer for manicure instruments
For the production of a flask, heat resistantmetal, and the body is made of plastic. The flask is filled with small quartz glass beads, which is characterized by a fairly high melting point. This property of quartz allowed it to be used to fill the sterilizer.
The metal flask is surrounded by powerfulheating elements, which when turned on strongly heat it. Together with the bulb, quartz balls are heated up to a temperature above 240 ° C. Under such conditions, all bacteria, fungi, complex viruses and other microorganisms quickly die.

The process of sterilization

Using a glasperlane sterilizer, carry outthere is no need for any preparatory work before sterilizing the toolkit. It's enough just to turn on the device and wait about half an hour while the balls are warmed to the maximum temperature. After that, a disinfection tool is immersed in a quartz flask. The maximum processing time is 30-40 seconds. It should be noted that the glasperlene sterilizer can only be used to clean metal manicure tools, because plastic or other high temperature materials can not stand.

Additional requirements

 glasperine ball sterilizer
Despite the ease of use of the device,it is necessary to comply with some requirements for improving the quality of sterilization. The power of a small device is 75 watts. Heating balls in it is 30 minutes, but over time, the balls are reduced heat conduction, which is why they can not warm up to 240 ºС. In this regard, it is recommended to completely change the quartz filling every year.
Before the sterilization process, the toolsmust be thoroughly cleaned, then washed in a disinfectant solution. To avoid damage to manicure objects, place them in the sterilizer in a dry form. It is recommended that thermal disinfection be carried out immediately before using the instruments.

Glasperlene sterilizers - this is a reliable protection against infection with all sorts of dangerous diseases, as well as guarantee the quality work of the master.