How is the manicure done for Halloween?


Halloween, though not officiala holiday in Russia, but it is celebrated here every year. Mostly this night is in demand among young people for entertainment, demonstrating unusual horrific images associated with all kinds of heroes from horror films, blood and pitch darkness. Most fashionistas have questions: "What image to choose?", "What to wear and how to make sure that every detail, even the smallest, is not out of the picture?" Deciding on the choice of costume and make-up is not all that is necessary for complete the appearance.

Manicure on Halloween is an integral partimage, though not the most important, but necessary for a successful combination with the chosen outfit, hair and make-up. There are a huge number of ways to decorate your nails on such a very unusual holiday. In this case, it is not necessary to spend money, running around all sorts of expensive salons. Everything can be done at home, with your own hands.

What is needed for manicure and how to prepare nails?

manicure for halloween

Create an interesting and unique manicure for Halloween at home is not difficult.

Before proceeding with the application of the varnish,you need to prepare nails for this. It is necessary to erase the old manicure, thoroughly wash your hands in soapy water. This will help remove the fat from the nails. Or you can use any degreaser. When the marigolds are already prepared for painting, we apply the base layer. This stage is needed in order to manicure better and last longer kept on the nails. Now you need to think about what kind of drawing will suit the chosen image for the holiday. The color scheme should be combined with a suit and make-up. Manicure for Halloween is mostly created with the help of nail polish of different colors. Draw a needle or an ordinary toothpick, and to give a twinkle to the nails, you will need rhinestones or sequins. Sometimes for such a manicure can be useful markers (special) or gel pen. After the completion of all manipulations, you should cover the picture on top with the lacquer fixer, which will serve as an additional guarantee of the durability of the manicure and prevent premature cracking and flaking of the varnish.

manicure on halloween for short nails

Tips for applying varnish

As it is already clear from the above, it is not difficult to create a manicure for Halloween with your own hands, but it is worth remembering several important rules:

  • Always apply coating on an even surface so that there are no children or animals close to it;
  • with an occasional error or blot, do not rush everything right: it's best to completely wipe the nail polish off and try again, so it will be cleaner;
  • the application of any coating should be started from the base, because this will allow the varnish to spread evenly on the nail.

Before you start applying manicure, you needdetermine the choice of drawing. It depends on the costume and makeup. Immediately it is necessary to find out what color scheme the manicure for Halloween will be performed, and to prepare nail polishes of certain colors and shades. Of course, for such a case cute flowers and butterflies will not do. Therefore, light, pink and vanilla colors can be removed.

manicure for halloween at home

Manicure ideas for Halloween

Cat's manicure is a great solution. One of the options is presented in the photo above. To create it, you need to give the nails a pointed shape, similar to a cat's claws. But you can stop on a square one. First, apply the base coat and wait for it to dry. In choosing a shade, it is necessary to be guided by the color scale of the costume. If it, for example, is black, then you can choose a varnish. Suitable bright red or orange, like the eyes of a cat. It is necessary to put it on the nails and again wait for the drying. The next step is drawing with black lacquer. We need to make a semicircle on the tip of the nail, then add triangular ears, white and green lacquer, we represent the cat's eyes and mustache. After that you can leave it to dry. If desired, you can draw a cat's nose and mouth, then you need to cover everything with a fixer.

Manicure on Halloween

The idea with skulls

Such a manicure on Halloween for short nailswill suit simply awesome. If the choice fell on the suit of a witch or death with a scythe, then the skulls on the nails - this is what you need. To create this manicure, you will need neon and black nail polish. So, the first stage is, as always, applying the base layer. Then you should use a neon varnish. You need to let it dry out. Now it's time to start drawing skulls. Do it with black lacquer. So, making sure that the previous layer has dried up properly, starting from the base of the nail, we draw an oval. This is the shape of the skull. Then, white lacquer should be added to the oval eyes, teeth and cavities of the nose. Next, you need to wait for the desiccation of the drawings and apply a top coat of lacquer.

manicure ideas for halloween

Manicure of a bloody nurse

Since this image is the most common, brightand captivating, most fashionistas use it for Halloween. Often, they do not think about manicure, but you still want to supplement your costume. Therefore, there is a corresponding idea for this image. It does not require special time. The first step is to apply the base layer, as usual. Then - a white varnish. Then we wait for complete drying. After that, we draw a red lacquer blood stains from the base of the nail and careless droplets. You do not need to strive for synchronicity on all nails. On the contrary, the drawings should look like natural drops of blood.

Manicure of the Queen of Spades

Also very popular is the image of the peakLadies on Halloween. You can supplement it with the appropriate manicure, you will need black, white and red nail polishes. At the first stage all the same - we cover the nails with a base. Then we apply a layer of the main varnish, which has a white color. Then wait for the drying. Then, using black and red lacquers, you need to draw the appropriate card suits. You can arrange a few characters on one nail or choose one specific. Also a good option will be the alternation of such drawings. The final coating will be a fixer. This manicure will make a sensation at a festive party in honor of Halloween. He looks very eccentric and original.