Effective hairstyle for long hair: an instruction for a beginner hairdresser


Are you the lucky owner of long hair? Then this article is for you. Do you need a beautiful hairstyle for long hair? Instructions on how to do it, you can come in handy, because, you see, every woman periodically wants to bring diversity to her everyday appearance.

The first option is an evening hairstyle with braids
hairstyles for an evening for long hair

With everyday styling is easy to manageitself. The hardest thing is to do your own hairstyles for the evening for long hair. You may need the help of a friend or sister. Perhaps, over time, you will be able to learn how to create such complex styling without outside involvement. Pay attention to how elegant this hairstyle looks on long hair.

hairstyle for long hair
Step instruction:

  • steps 1-2: comb hair and divide them into a straight part. From each side, separate two strands and string two braids in a classical fashion;
  • steps 3-5: alternately spit the braids on the opposite side of the head, as shown in the illustration, and securely secure them with invisible hair to the top of the head;
  • step 6: distribute the braids in such a way that theybeautifully laid down in the form of a tiara; At this stage, you need to fix your construction with the help of studs and invisible ones; The criterion of reliability will be a feeling of comfort when you shake your head;
  • steps 7-8: the ends of braids and the remaining strands distributeso that it is beautiful; form a careless (so-called "dirty") node on the vertex or occiput (this step is not necessary, because you can not collect curls, and leave them loose on the shoulders);
  • step 9: sprinkle with varnish and decorate at will with decorative hairpins.

The second option is a trendy evening hairstyle for long hair
Step-by-step hairstyles for long hair

Instructions for this unusually simple and at the same timethe time of a very stylish model is not needed. Just look at the photo. Independently such beauty can make any girl even in the absence of a mirror. The highlight of this hairstyle is an elegant hoop or head bandage of braid with paillettes.

hairstyle for long hair

  • Make a careless parting, separate a strand of hair over the lateral part of the crown, whip in a free manner of "spikelets".
  • Collect all the hair together with the scythe at the bottom. Do not forget to leave curls on both sides of the face.
  • Put on a bandage - you have a super fashion hairstyle for long hair.

Instructions for creating a hairstyle for long curly hair
hairstyle for long hair

It looks good for girls with curls or natural curls. If you have straight hair, you can wind it.

hairstyle for an evening for long hair

How it's done:

  • divide all the strands into three parts;
  • from the central part of the hair make a low tail;
  • Strand the side strands in bundles, twisting them in the upward direction, and attach over the rubber band of the tail;
  • Slacken the bundles a little to make them look bigger;
  • fix well with studs and varnish.

We hope that you will find these instructions useful step by step. Hairstyles for long hair on them will be made simple enough.