Nail Polish with the effect of sand: the roughness of your manicure


The beauty industry is always pleased with usthe number of new products, the production of varnishes - is also no exception. In addition to all kinds of pearlescent agents, matte enamels, coatings with luminescent glow, there is one more - nail polish with the effect of sand.

nail polish with a sand effect
Terms of use

Lacquer with the effect of sand (or as it is also called"sugar") at first glance is not much different from the usual varnish. But in fact, besides sparkles, it also contains abrasive particles, which create the effect of a relief sand coating.

In order to cover his nails and getexcellent result, varnish must be shaken first. After all, otherwise, all the "sugar" particles will lie unevenly. In addition, the nail polish with the effect of sand has a fairly thick texture, so the brush should be typed as little as possible. The process of crystallization is completed with the drying of the varnish, and in just 10 minutes on your nails will appear charming "grains of sand."

The advantage of such a tool can be called,that it dries quickly and lies very smoothly from the first layer. If you want your manicure to look more bold, you can apply the varnish in two layers. A little to improve the received roughnesses will allow a layer of a transparent fixer, which is applied from above. Lacquer with the effect of sand lasts much longer than other coatings, this will allow you to forget about the frequent renewal of manicure.

varnish with the effect of sand
Removal methods

Removal from the nail plate of this unusualvarnish must be carried out with extreme caution. As traditional coatings it can not be washed off, since its "sugar" particles can damage the nail, and the flushing process will turn into a long and painful procedure. To begin with, moisten the cotton wool in the varnish remover and attach them to each nail. After 2-3 minutes you can gently wipe your nails and thus easily get rid of the varnish.

How to choose a nail polish with a sand effect?

These products are only growing in our market, which makes it difficult to choose a high-quality varnish of this type. But still some brands have already managed to achieve great success.

  1. If you are interested in an inexpensive option, you canStop your choice on the lacquer Holiday from Golden Rose. The composition of this product is not very thick, so to create a beautiful manicure it needs to be applied in two layers. Producers promise that the lacquer will give your manicure the effect of 3D and dazzling flicker.
    fashionable nail polish
  2. A good option would be the choice of the Color Sugar coating from the manufacturer Jerden. Fashionable varnishes for nails of this brand have a wide range of colors.
  3. Another bestseller - Sahara Crystal from the firmDance Legend. Among the advantages it is possible to single out its instant drying and simple application. Of the minuses - the color of the varnish in the bottle is very often very different from the color obtained on the nails. The way out can be applying the substrate before using such a varnish.

Manufacturers of manicure tools reallycould connect practically incompatible components. Pleasure yourself on the threshold of cold weather - buy nail polish with a sand effect, and you and your hands will look just luxurious!