Method of skin and hair healing


Dry skin and dried hair, as a rule,slowly become dirty, but various cosmetics and any impact on them acts aggressively. Therefore, the hair should be washed only when necessary, not every day. After using the shampoo, be sure to use conditioner or a conditioner. Also rinse hair with water with lemon juice, it will add dull shine hair. To moisturize the scalp, it is recommended to use moisturizers intended for skin care before washing. Very effective in this case, the use of a nutritious moisturizing cream based on herbs - you can choose an inexpensive natural cream from the range of pharmaceutical products. The cream is applied neatly to the scalp, after which it is left for an hour and a half. After the appropriate time, wash your head as usual and rinse with conditioner.

Oily scalp also needs a specialcare. First, contrary to the widespread belief that hair is forbidden to be washed daily, to avoid addiction, it should be said that, since we are talking about beauty, there can not be any reason for a woman to go out with a dirty head. Therefore, oily skin should be washed as needed, and usually this need arises every day. Dry hair, of course, is much more strongly exposed to various negative effects, so you should definitely use the conditioner and make masks.
So, how to care for dry hair? Obviously, they need constant moisturizing and nourishment. First, it is very important to regularly use the air conditioner after washing. It should be remembered that the conditioner is a special tool for hair care, and in no case is not behind the skin, so apply conditioner, nourishing masks, balms to the mass of hair, avoiding the scalp - as we recall, the skin has its own treatment.

Secondly, it is - regular userestoring masks. Any masks can be purchased at the pharmacy, cosmetic stores, or done by yourself. In addition to cosmetics, do not forget about herbs, infusions and vitamins. In any composition of the mask, to strengthen the effect of its effects, you can add vitamins A and E, which are sold in any pharmacy, and regularly used to rinse the herbs - sage, yarrow, nettle, chamomile.