How to make curls without curling irons and curlers independently?


Every girl wants to look irresistible, eachI want to be the owner of lush and healthy hair, and ideally - elastic and elegant curls. That's just the process of curling hair curlers or curling iron has its drawbacks, and besides, not every lady of the house has a set of hairdresser's devices to create a styling. Below are practical tips on how to make large curls yourself, at home.

Curls on foil, rags, candy wrappers from sweets

how to make curls without curling irons and curlers

The history of hairstyles from wavy hair takes itsbeginning in the 40-50 years of the XX century, when women all over the world adopted the fashion for curly locks in the heroines of movies and serials. Most of them did not even hear about curlers and curling irons. Persistent beauties had to be smart enough to catch up with famous divas and figure out how to make curls without curling irons and curlers. Women used all the improvised means that only houses found: rags, paper, wrapping materials, etc. This method is somewhat troublesome, but from the third to the fourth time it will be obtained without difficulty. To "design" curls you need strips of fabric (or other material, at your discretion) 10-15 centimeters long, and a width of about 3-4 centimeters.

For large and bulky strands it is better toprepare also paper cylinders. Next, you should divide the hair into separate strands and twist them onto fabric preforms, applying the same technique as with the curler. The ends of homemade designs must be tied, so that curls do not disintegrate ahead of time. If you want to learn how to make curls without curlers and hair curlers, you need to remember that you do not need to remove the cloth before 6 hours later so that the curls are firmly fixed. To achieve the morning "curly" effect, it is better to curl the previous evening. Usually such locks last a long time, but do not neglect varnishes and sprays for hair, so that the hairdo remains as long as possible.

Curly braids

curls without curling irons and curlers

Many girls know the amazing way,how to make big ringlets, from early childhood. To do this, simply braid the braids. The number of curls and the size of the curls depends on the number of braids and their thickness. In other words, for small curls you should braid many thin braids, like African ones. A large weave, on the contrary, only contributes to the appearance of light waviness on the head. On average, weave 10-20 pieces. There is also a small trick: the hair after the "spikelet" will remain a sea of ​​curls, while from the classic spit you will get large luxurious curls. "Dissolve" braids should be more than 7-8 hours after weaving.

Hairpins and hairpins

Many women complain thatrepresent how to make curls without curling irons and curlers, since they have short hair. Unbelievable but true! Even with a short haircut, it is possible to make a curl without the use of curlers. The hair is divided into bundles and overlapping one another, each such element is fixed with two hairpins. For best effect, you need to put on a hair net. In this condition, the head should be kept for 7-9 hours, after which the hairpins can be removed and the hairdressed with varnish.

how to make big ringlets
Hairpins are great helpers in creating curlsfor long hair curlers. In this case, after dividing into strands, hair is shaped like a curl, fixing each pin by the root. Further laying is created by drying the pre-treated spray for the volume of ringlets at the roots using a hair dryer. At the end of the drying, the studs can be pulled out and use additional fixing means.

Each of the techniques presented above can helpgirl to solve a difficult task: how to make curls without curling irons and curlers. After their development, anyone can turn into a heroine of the television screen and boast of a charming hairdo.