Manicure with crystals: interesting ideas, fashion trends


There are no jewelry for nails! Nyl-design even has its own fashion. Previously, manicure with rhinestones was considered festive and suitable only for young people, now it comes in addition to many variants of an office jacket. Short nails and rhinestones are two incompatible concepts, our grandmothers thought. Nevertheless, many designs with gel-varnish on short nails are admired by bold solutions.

Rhinestones in 2018 are in demand more thanbefore. Now these are not just sets of Chinese plastic droplets and hearts. They are assigned a place in the production of not one large company of the nail industry, including producers of famous stones from Swarovski. Manicure with rhinestones has become not just an ornament. In his mind, you can determine the status of a lady. Some rhinestones are quite expensive, so they are used several times, neatly taking off their nails.

Many of their variants are being released, some of which will be discussed.

What are the rhinestones?

The purpose of rhinestones is to replace precious stones. Earlier clothes decorated with sewn beads made of precious and ornamental stones or pearls, gold and silver buckles, pendants and other details. Now the whole range of jewelry is difficult to imagine. A considerable share is occupied by rhinestones.

They are made not only from glass, althoughstamped or faceted glass crystals are very beautiful. Considered exquisite items of rock crystal - an ornamental stone, similar to glass. But mainly acrylic, zirconium and some types of plastic are used in the production of rhinestones.

Separately there are Swarovski rhinestones that are difficultdistinguished from diamonds. They are made of two types: with a conical and flat base. For nail design use a flat base, which is better glued to the surface.

The ideas of manicure with rhinestones are based onquality characteristics of these jewelry substitutes. Cheap plastic crafts can have industrial defects in the form of burrs, irregular shapes, turbidity. For the design of nails they are not suitable. They can, if desired, glue the shoes, and the nails are always in sight, so the slightest defect will immediately become visible. That's why masters prefer Swarovski rhinestones.


In 2018, the fashion for kamifubuki is preserved. This is confetti made from foil, which is produced in all colors and sizes. On the nail they reflect light in different ways, depending on the angle of the direction of the rays. This is their property used in the technique of gel-varnish. The photo shows a red manicure with rhinestones kamifubuki. Three sizes are used: middle round and hexahedral, large round and small round.

In the area of ​​the hole put kamifubuki differentthey can overlap each other. On the rest of the surface of the nail put one or two small accents. To make the rhinestones stick well, they are covered with a sufficient layer of top. The advantage of this option is smooth nails, which do not cling to anything, but they also have a manicure design with rhinestones.

These confetti are best done on one or twofingers, so as not to be vulgar. But you can choose kamifubuki very large. Since the nail in the area of ​​the socket is very convex, it is better to put such sequins in the center. If you choose a red manicure with rhinestones, then all the nails, except for the nameless, are covered with a red gel-varnish and a matt top. Do not cover with black gel-varnish. Then sprinkle the red glitter on the dispersion layer and put kamifubuki. Cover with top.

Red manicure with kamifubuki

How to use rhinestones?

Rhinestones come in different sizes and shapes - fromround to faceted, from drip to round. Creating a design of manicure with rhinestones, the master is like a jeweler. The rule "less is better than more" acts in the workshop and in the salon. The most terrible thing that can happen in the design of rhinestones - weighting it, which looks tasteless.

However, this does not mean that the crystals needplace on the nail rarely, with gaps. Finding the average between a heap of stones and their sparsity is a task that requires artistic taste. Careful influence on the final result is neat. A small displacement of the stone from the right place immediately catches your eye. Especially glue sticking.

Still more recently manicure with rhinestones stylistsnot recommended to combine with stucco or Chinese painting. Large stones were left for the extreme length of the nails - usually artificial. This is largely due to the lack of quality materials in nyl-design. Now the situation has changed radically: the painting is supplemented with rhinestones (the main thing is to choose harmonious colors), the rhinestones are put in the center of stucco, often one nail is decorated with a continuous laying of various stones.

Fashion changes. At the beginning of the development of the nail design, the rhinestones on each finger caused sympathy and a grin: tastelessness, what to do ... But the fashion manicure with rhinestones appeared quickly and became classics, when stones are regularly placed on the surface of the nail. You can tie them with a mesh, doing it with gel-paint, you can leave it just like that. The design looks great on any color, with any rhinestones. It is called "Rivets" and was first used in a black background and metallic rhinestones in the Gothic version. But now, made with small rhinestones Swarovski on a gently pink background, decorates the catalogs of many wedding salons.

Gold manicure

Variants of bright design

Use of gel-lacquer "cat's eye" will providea winning background for a bright manicure with rhinestones. To avoid a tasteless heap of jewelry, make all the nails different, observing one style. For example, the nails on the middle and ring fingers are covered with black gel-varnish, make a red cat's eye and put on red rhinestones. The rest of the nails are made of red matt. On the index put Swarovski rhinestones in the zone of the hole, on the little finger - one red strassiku in the zone of the hole, and on the large lay white rhinestones square with a red rhinestone in the middle.

This design looks good in other colors: blue, green, turquoise, amber. Very impressive looks gold design. Instead of a magnetic gel, you can use a foil or mirror rub for one nail, one or two cover with gold glitter and put the rhinestones on the entire surface. Rhinestones are better to choose white, so they are not lost on the background of gold.

Light and pastel colors can not convey the depth of the magnetic varnish, but for them there are no less interesting options.

When are inappropriate rhinestones on the nails?

There are situations in which the crystals look defiant or simply uncomfortable. These are mourning events and a work dress code. Here you can add care for the baby.

  1. The first situation is mourning. Traditionally, the funeral dress code assumes the absence of any decorations, except engagement rings. Exceptions are agate and black pearl. Modernity makes its own adjustments, and small earrings-studs are already permissible. However, decorating with a rhinestones manicure is considered a disrespect to the deceased and his relatives. Perhaps only a matte manicure with crystals of opaque black plastic on a black background will resemble a mourning lace.
  2. At work related to the production of food products (cook, confectioner), absolutely any coating for nails is categorically excluded. Accordingly, and rhinestones. It would not be very pleasant to find them in the cake.
  3. Care for a child, whose delicate skin is easily traumatized, excludes all protruding and sharp decor elements: they cling, scratch, fly and get to where they do not need.

Of course, if the nails are very short, and the nail plate is small, it is better to abandon the rhinestones. They will visually reduce the nail, and this is a dubious ornament.

Fashionable ideas for applying strass in design

The principle "all nails are different, but in one style"is used by many designers. This allows you to create a real composition, without overloading each nail with individual parts. To do this, it is sufficient to master several techniques and combine them. One of the fashion trends in 2018 was a matte manicure with rhinestones. Here are some of its options can be performed in the composition:

Frosted manicure with rhinestones

1. French. Pastel shades of the base can be made frosted, covered with a special top. There is a top for regular varnish and for gel-varnish. If necessary, the dispersive layer is simply removed from the color coating and is not covered by the glossy top. A smile is made with a glossy top. Fine rhinestones put in line on the line of a smile.

2. Lunar manicure. On the matte nails, the hole is made with rhinestones completely, placing one large stone and several small ones. On one marigold, the glossy hole is made and its line is selected with a line of small stones. One nail is decorated with a "reverse jacket" - they put stones along the cuticle line.

3. Two matte nails with rhinestones.

In the photo one of the variants of such a composition with two matte nails of contrasting color, a moon manicure on one of them and a stencil rose on the other.

Short nails and rhinestones

Short nails look good design"Thorns", which is performed by small rhinestones with sharp conical peaks. They can be gold, silver, black. The background for the design is suitable for saturated dark tones - black, burgundy, purple, blue. If you choose classic transparent crystals with foil base for its execution, then the background can be light pastel tones. For the red, yellow, turquoise colors are suitable gold rhinestones with round tops.

Rhinestones for short nails

Manicure with rhinestones for short nails can bevery smart. To a small black dress for cocktails the nail design, executed by black gel-varnish and diagonal arrangement of multi-colored rhinestones on an anonymous finger will approach. Setochku, drawn on short nails, will decorate the setting of small stones in the interlacing of lines. You can fill the entire nail with rhinestones, but only on one finger.

Allocation of the cuticle zone will not reduce the nail, butwill add to it charm. If the marigolds are very small, you can perform a manicure with rhinestones on short nails, adding stones with golden or white soup. They can lay out the likeness of lace.

Gel-lacquer and rhinestones

To put crystals on the usual varnish, you need glue. You can gently place them on the lacquer that has not dried out completely. In the case of gel-varnish, the technique is different. To keep the stones well, they were not flooded with top, and whitish areas did not appear around it, you should know how to do a manicure with strasses in gel-lacquer technique.

Rhinestones are placed before top-gel coating onDispersive layer or rubbed with alcohol. They are glued to manicure glue for rhinestones. After a few minutes, cover the work with top gel, trying to carefully close the glue. If this is not done, when removing the dispersion from the top glue will turn white, you will get ugly white spots around the stones.

For the same reason in manicure with rhinestonesuse glue when decorating them with a ready gel-varnish, already covered with top. Well, unless you cover one more layer. But now there are such thick top-gels, some without a sticky layer, that you can put the rhinestones directly on a fresh top, and then dry it in a lamp.

If the rhinestones drown in a too large layer of top,the whole effect is lost, although wearing such a manicure will be more convenient - not for what does not cling, never for anything will fly. But the radiance will disappear, because the facets that reflect light will go under cover. This should be avoided.

White and pastel designs

The ideas of manicure with rhinestones on a light background are very numerous. Due to the fact that all the pastel colors blend well with each other, use floral murals with a center of a contrasting color stone.

Design with crystals

Monograms, painted with white gel-paint, can have a small pebble in a curl. For white drawings, silver and gold rhinestones with smooth hemispheres are suitable.

As always, spikes and strips of them look good, which can be located both in the middle of the nail, and with the edge. You can use them and instead of the white tip of a smile, because the base is already white.

In 2018 it is fashionable to leave the nail part open. This does not mean that there is no coverage in this area at all. Base gel and top are present in any case. And allocate this zone will help one or two stasis.

Manicure for the wedding celebration

Classic in wedding manicure, pink and whitecolors, well combined with Swarovski rhinestones medium and small. Also suitable are ordinary glass rhinestones with a foil base. The bride can choose light cold tones of pink, the older generation of ladies will be approached with warm shades of pastel roses or nudes.

Gently pink manicure with rhinestones

A gentle pink manicure with rhinestones should notleave an impression of an office jacket. It is the rightly selected stones that will cope with this best. If the bride can make a composition of rhinestones of different size and color, then the ladies at an elegant age can be given stones with the entire nail, but only one.

French and Rhinestones

A classic smile can be made with rhinestones. They can also put a hole. To a manicure with rhinestones was original, on one nail a smile can be on the side, from the cuticle to the free edge. And you can make it from two sides of the nail, then the area in the middle will resemble an hourglass. It can even be left with the color of a natural nail. It's very fashionable.

French jacket with rhinestones

In the area of ​​the hole it is good to make acrylic molding -a flower with leaves in the center of which to put a beautiful stone. In the photo, this option is supplemented with small silver broths that depict the stem. It looks interesting symmetrical composition of rhinestones of different colors and sizes.


The ideas presented here are only smallpart of the master salons perform every day. Sometimes interesting designs arise when discussing everyday options. Do not leave them for a holiday, wear them now! And tomorrow will be new. Successes.