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Why does Greek cosmetics use such apopularity and demand? Everything is very simple. After all, for its production use olive oil of excellent quality, fragrant honey, aromatic herbs, essential oils, aloe - and all this is natural, grown here in Greece. And what could be better than natural cosmetics, created from components given by nature itself?

Greek cosmetics

Main Ingredient

First of all I would like to say that, regularlyusing the means to care for a Greek production, it will be possible to maintain your skin and hair in excellent shape. Natural components make them healthy, they are saturated with all necessary vitamins, and the result in the literal sense of the word is obvious. After all, the ancient Greeks did not share the notion of beauty and health - they always walked side by side. And the same ingredient from which Greek cosmetics was born is, naturally, olive oil. For example, if his regular ingestion can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, lower cholesterol, strengthen the bones and cleanse the body, what to say about its beneficial effects on the skin and hair. Using a shampoo based on olive oil, in a week it will be possible to notice how the hair became more silky, docile and shiny. And a face cream with the addition of this ingredient deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, smoothing small facial wrinkles.

Greek cosmetics reviews

The beauty of the goddess

Aphrodite is the patroness of love and beauty. She really was divinely beautiful. Her name is one of the most popular brands of self-care products. Greek cosmetics "Aphrodite" is made using carefully selected Mediterranean herbs and, of course, fresh olive oil. The funds produced by this brand are environmentally safe, harmless, meet all international norms and quality standards. It's really one of the best brands, whose cosmetics are in demand around the world. We should also note the diversity provided by the company. A variety of creams (cleansing, softening, moisturizing, for dry, normal or oily skin), lotions for the body, gels, balms, shampoos - all this makes "Aphrodite". In addition, such Greek cosmetics in Moscow is not so expensive.

Quality tested by time

If we talk about which manufacturers arethe most reliable, then you should pay attention to a company like "Papoutsanis". For more than 142 years, it is famous throughout the world for its unsurpassed quality of manufactured products. Take, for example, at least not so long ago saw a series of cosmetics "Olivia". Olive oil extracts are used as the main ingredient. This series includes products designed to care for the body, hair and face, as well as soap and shampoo. Perhaps, this is the kind of real Greek cosmetics. The feedback, at any rate, makes it clear that "Papoutsanis" is the right choice. No dyes, artificial additives - only natural ingredients. And this is a real guarantor of the quality of cosmetics.

Greek aphrodite cosmetics

"Apivita" - personal care, like in a beauty salon

Another notorious brand of Greek cosmetics. This manufacturer has become famous mainly for facial masks. Although he also produces creams, shampoos and everything mentioned above (even toothpastes). But what masks this company does not have! For eyelids, cleansing, moisturizing, toning, with the addition of clay, abrasive particles or honey - the range is simply huge. If you choose the most suitable option for your skin and regularly apply a mask, then in two weeks you can see the result. It turns out to get rid of black spots, greasy shine, fine wrinkles, and peeling. This Greek cosmetics, the reviews of which really make us believe in its magical property, literally works wonders, restoring the skin to beauty and health.

Greek cosmetics in Moscow

"Fresh Line" returns youth

It would seem a pretty high-profile statement, howeverthis is really so. In any case, girls and women who have tried the cosmetics of this manufacturer on their own, remain happy with the result. No wonder the means of production of this company is called "living cosmetics." Of course, the products are not cheap. So, for example, a small jar with the contents, which is used as a mask, costs 290 rubles (for 66 grams). But the cost is justified. Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly product - the smell is natural, in mass are visible pieces of algae and other natural supplements. And after applying the mask, the skin becomes taut, smooth and matte. The same can be said about other products of this manufacturer - really high-quality Greek cosmetics from a well-known manufacturer. So if you want to always look young and fresh, then you should buy exactly these means to care for yourself.

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