The value of a triangle (tattoo) in antiquity and the modern world


A triangle tattoo is aquite an interesting and noticeable sign. After all, every unknown character harbors some meaning. What do people who want to put such a tattoo on their body usually want to show?

What does a triangle tattoo mean?

An image of a simple geometric shape.used from ancient times, and is deciphered in different ways. In Christians, tattoo designates Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Jews believe that perfection is hidden in the symbol. Of course, it is impossible not to recall the Masons, in whom the tattoo symbolizes light, time and darkness, that is, the triple cosmic essence.

And two intersecting triangles are a victory.spiritual over the material, divinity, the union of fire with water. Moreover, such a picture looks very stylish. The image of an equilateral triangle is a symbol of completion. If the geometric figure is located apex upwards, then this is a sunny light symbol. The similar meaning of a triangle (tattoo) must be understood as life, flame, fire, heat. And the horizontal line of the geometric figure in this case symbolizes the air.

The triangle also indicates the presence ofleadership qualities. A person who goes forward and knows how to lead is an ability to concentrate on a specific goal, the achievement of which is necessary. A triangle is a visual expression of the ability to concentrate. In personal terms, the value of the triangle (tattoo) speaks of such traits as strength, uncontrollability, setting clear goals.

European alchemists figure whose topdirected upwards, often depicted, implying the language of the flame and the "masculine" fire. And the water running down from the clouds or mountain peaks to the Earth was depicted as a triangle with the top facing down.

triangle tattoo value

Female and male symbol

The value of the triangle, tattoo in particular, forrepresentatives of the weaker sex testifies to three life periods: maiden, maternal, senile. And men, drawing a picture, imply strength, wisdom or beauty. The image of the triangle as a symbol of creation and male power is also peculiar to Indian mythology. Also, the figure with the peak pointing upwards speaks about the spiritual world, the trinity, love, wisdom and truth. In addition, the symbol indicates royal grandeur, mostly depicted in red. In addition, the value of the triangle (tattoo) for men is a symbol of the mountain. But the female symbol means a cave.

If the triangle is upside downposition, rushing down the peak, it is a symbol of the feminine, water, womb, nature, cold, body, shakti, yoni. Great Mother is designated by this figure as a parent. The horizontal line in it is the earth, while its color is white. Juno as the personification of the feminine is usually denoted by a triangle (according to Agrippa of Nettesheim).

tattoo tree in triangle meaning

Tattoo "tree in a triangle"

Variants of bodily images may representis a combination of several characters. The tree is one of the most elegant drawings. It looks as if somewhat simple, but at the same time it is full of deep meaning. Tattoo "tree in a triangle", the value of which is quite ancient, should be considered as a combination of two important symbols. A person who refers to this image in order to express himself or to decorate his own body indicates both of these signs.

The ancient Celts considered trees to be living beings,as well as the spirits and progenitors of all things. And among the druids, the tree was even perceived as a portal to a parallel world. The Buddha became enlightened through long meditations in which he was just under a tree.

eye tattoo in triangle meaning

Eye in the triangle

The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of the Freemasons, wholooks like an eye encased in a simple geometric figure. The image of the representatives of the box is called "radiant delta". In fact, the symbol is borrowed from Christians, where it can be found on religious buildings and icons. And even earlier it was used by the ancient Egyptians, depicting the Eye of Horus.

This symbol is found on banknotes of different countries:

  1. 1 US dollar;
  2. 1 Cordoba Nicaragua;
  3. 500 Ukrainian hryvnia.

The symbolism of world freemasonry determines this.the image as a powerful peak, that is, the eye of God the Creator. “Radiant delta” is the designation of enlightenment, as well as the principle of consciousness, which are intended to remind of the Higher Being, the omnipresence of the Creator.

This symbol is an important designation of the firstdegrees, as well as the degree of the student. A person who wants to feel involved in secret knowledge, makes the appropriate tattoo. The eye in the triangle, whose value is associated with hidden truths and envelops the owner of the mystery - a popular image.

But when choosing absolutely any pattern followsfocus on your inner voice. It is not necessary that the tattoo be presented in its specific, literal and literary meaning. It is important to understand it and feel it in a personal, special way.