New Fashion - Manicure on Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a universal teaching thatIt is based on working with energy. It can be used in many fields. With the help of Feng Shui, a person can create a favorable atmosphere at home and at work. Have found a new application to the ancient teachings and in manicure.

manicure on hair dryer

Manicure on feng shui says that the left hand energyAccepts, and the right - gives. If you select a finger on the right hand, you will give the appropriate energy, which will then return a hundredfold. It is necessary to choose the fingers on which you want to make an accent, and paint them in the appropriate color. In the Taoist teaching, color is given special attention, so a proper manicure will help the embodiment of what is missing in life. Doing a manicure on feng shui, you need to choose this or that shade of varnish to get acquainted with what it means each color.

  • white (purity);

  • red (full cup and happiness);

  • gold (for self-confident);

  • blue (symbolizes harmony);

  • light green (health symbol);

  • lilac (harmony with nature and strength of mind);

  • gray (skepticism and discretion);

  • pink (tenderness, femininity, and youth);

  • beige (tranquility);

  • blue (absence of aggression, kindness and spiritual emancipation);

  • turquoise (monetary well-being).

When doing a manicure on Feng Shui, it is very important to know what each finger means in this exercise.

Right hand

- Little finger - home, family, peace of mind, consent.

- An unnamed finger - new friends, new love relationships, new acquaintances.

- Middle finger - resentment, quarrel and sexual dissatisfaction.

- The index finger is selfishness and self-displeasure.

- The thumb is intellectual achievement, mental activity, fortune in business.

manicure by Feng Shui
Left hand

- Little finger - a lie, deception, pretense, gossip, duplicity and treason.

- An unnamed finger - separation, disappointment, sadness, grief, loneliness.

- The middle finger is jealousy and sexual sensuality.

- The index finger - uncertainty, illness, fear.

- The thumb is anxiety, misunderstanding, deceived expectations.

Manicure on feng shui has one more, an important component - the difference in the elements. They are determined by the final birth figure.

"Element of the Earth": figures 8 and 9. All brown shades are suitable. In order to emphasize belonging to the elements, you can use rhinestones, stones, drawings with relief of the earth, shiny elements and square shape of nails.

"Element of Fire": figures 6 and 7. Saturated, bright colors will do: the whole palette of red, and especially the scarlet, coral and purple hues, which are also relevant today. It is better to choose a square shape of nails or stilettos. Pictures in the form of fire colors, fire, imitation of a fire, the sun, rays and stripes will do. You can decorate your nails with mesh and rhinestones.

“Element of Trees”: figures 4 and 5. According to this element, Fen-Shui manicure should be in blue and green with patterns. Suitable oval and round shape of nails.

correct manicure
“Element of Water”: numbers 2 and 3. The best colors will be metallic, chameleons, shimmering, lavender, pale blue, blue-lilac and black. Aquarium design, glitter and square shape will do.

"Elements of Metal": the numbers 0 and 1. Best suited rich white and yellow colors, as well as gold and steel shades. The shape of the nails is rectangular. Design - abstractions, stars, divorces, stars, rhinestones, cellular motifs, sparkles, etc.

If you carefully consider the above recommendations, then a manicure on Feng Shui will definitely bring good luck to the girl.