Greek hairstyle

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Greek hairstyle this season has foundincredible popularity. The high style and gracefulness of the Greek goddesses inspire stylists and women of fashion to experiment with classical styling, which brings all the new modern elements that give it freshness and lightness.

Greek hairstyle is perfect for mediumand long hair. Most successfully looks at light, soft by nature, slightly curly ringlets. However, with the right approach, this hairstyle becomes universal and equally good looks on the hair of all colors, and also suitable for almost all events: graduation, wedding, social event, glamorous party, business meeting, etc. In addition, such a styling is easy enough to do even without resorting to the services of hairdressers.

Greek hairstyle with my own hands usuallyperformed with the help of hairpins and hairpins. You can choose in advance the clips in the form of flower ornaments in the color of the outfit, so that the hairstyle looks more spectacular and finished. One of the variants of the hairstyle is the falling strands. They give a special femininity to the whole image. Compositions can be created from small curls, and from enlarged sweeping ringlets. The main thing - to maintain the principle of a single cascade of hair.

Another version of this hairstyle is Greeknode. This is an option for long hair. To create it, you need to make a direct, obvious parting by placing curly strands on both sides and pins with studs. Then gather the hair in a very tight bundle, take them to the occipital part. The beam must be cone shaped, fixed and decorated with ribbons.

Greek spit is another type of styling thathas a Greek hairstyle. It is performed by weaving around the entire head, gradually incorporating all the hair into itself. It is appropriate in this case will look ribbons, flowers, beads or multi-colored strands of artificial hair.

Very often this hairstyle is chosen by the bride, because she looks very refined, graceful and innocent. You can supplement it with a tiara or diadem that perfectly underlines the majesty of the event.

Greek hairstyle can also be performed with a bang. This gives it extra originality.

Another idea of ​​creating Greek styling for each day - with the help of clasp-clamps. They perform not only the function of fixation, but decorative. Especially if they are made in the form of flowers.

To create a hairstyle you need slightly curled hairsplit the parting, take one strand on each side of it and begin to twist them in the direction from the face back, pinching through the centimeter 3-4 hairpin to fix the hair. Remaining free hair, roll the knot very low, almost on the neck, and prick with hairpins with decorative beads or decorate with several hairpins-flowers. To create a more solemn styling, you can put the resulting knot in a special hair net or decorate with cords of golden or silver color. On both sides of the face release a few thin curls that will give the image completeness and lightness.

Today at the peak of popularity is the Greekhairstyle with a bandage. This variant of hair styling is easiest to create, so it is ideal as an everyday. Decorative dressings can be bought at any jewelry store. It is most convenient to use elastic bands. Also, the scarf-wrapped silk neckerchiefs look good. The bandage is worn over the hair, separated by a straight parting. Then lateral strands bend behind it in the form of a spiral. Strands are taken from the face in the direction of the nape. It is desirable that they do not fully cover the tape, but allow it to be seen as an ornament. It is possible to make such a hairdress for everyone, and it looks very romantic and elegant.

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