Protecting the flash drive - how to provide?

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Every computer owner, and not only,now there are several USB-flash drives in stock. They are very convenient drives and repositories of the most diverse information, already replacing floppy disks and gradually replacing their competitors - disks. Along with this, many viruses and other pests appeared, infecting them and transferring them from one computer device to another. Therefore, there is a primary task - to protect the flash drive from various malware.

protection flash drive
Imagine that your USB drive has becomepeddler "infection." Such a repository of information can bring very big troubles to its owner, and not only to him. If this person is an active user of a computer, the Internet, constantly exchanging data with colleagues, friends, it is difficult even to guess what can happen to one such flash drive. Infection will begin to spread, in fact, in an geometric progression. And after some time will reach the size of the epidemic, such as autorun, which takes place now all over the world.

How to protect a USB flash drive from viruses, given thatis it easy to get infected? It is only worthwhile in an infected device to visit any of the miniature drives: flash card, flash drive or disk - and the process has started.

protect the USB flash drive from viruses
In any case, before doing thisthe question, it is necessary to understand why such "byaka" occurs. What happens when you connect such a small device to your computer or laptop? In the latest operating systems, the display prompts you to open or start. That's when the trouble happens. You do not even need to click OK on the request. The virus file starts, copies itself to system folders and startup. The computer starts a merry life: by itself it turns on, off, reboots, some programs do not work, files do not open, antivirus does not start, and much more.

PENETRATOR is one of the most dangerous viruses.It does not delete information, and so it overwrites it, that it is lost forever. In addition, such malware is often skipped by antivirus programs. Protecting the flash drive - only it can prevent similar problems.

protection from viruses on the flash drive
Proceeding from the fact that the infection is being introduced into theautoloading mini-storages, the main way to protect against it - the installation of special programs that prevent the work of self-starting viruses from it. Such programs, in addition, immunize the USB-drive inserted into the computer from the viruses present on it. Thus, and carried out protection from viruses on the flash drive.

But in computer security, as in medicine,the most important thing is prevention. Our devices are most often infected from the Internet, where we spend a lot of time. Therefore, they need to install a comprehensive anti-virus protection, which will reduce the chances of catching the infection.

You can name a couple of programs that will helpperform what is called a flash drive protection. Of the free - the latest version of Antirun 2.4, a paid counterpart - Trustport USB Antivirus. Russian users enjoy the popularity of USB Disk Security, but it is paid.

A reliable protection for the flash drive will be provided if you disable its autorun. For this, there are also special programs, for example Panda USB Vaccine

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