Do not start "Samp": ways to solve the problem

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"Samp" is a modification for "GTA: San Andreas ", which allows you to play on the network.In spite of the fact that the original part of" GTA "was released in 2005, there are still a lot of people around the world playing the multiplayer version because it was created by fans, there are problems with the stability of the game. article you will find out why Samp does not start, and how to fix it.

does not start the samp

Possible reasons

Since the online modification of "GTA" is based onthe original game, it's unlikely that the problem lies in the insufficient power of your computer. Modern computers can simultaneously run several applications, such as "Samp". The "Samp" does not start because of compatibility problems with the software, namely with the operating system. Also for the correct operation of multiplayer you will need a stable connection to the Internet.

Flight with error

This problem can have several solutions. First, the online mode does not work with the version of "GTA", on which various modifications are installed. The game must be absolutely clean and original. To do this, reinstall the game again, because you can remove mods in GTA for a very long time. It is recommended that you make backup copies of a single game. Also you need to delete the folder Sampfuncs from the root folder with the game. Because of this plug-in, the game can give errors at startup.

What to do if Samp does not start

White screen

If "Samp" does not start, and a white screen appears, do the following. Download the version of SAMP US 1.0, unpack the files and put them in the folder with the game, confirming the replacement.

If "Samp" does not start, issuing a message withwarning, then you need to download the antikrasher for the game. Be sure to download the latest versions, because the developers are constantly fixing old and fixes new errors.

Now you know what to do if "Samp" does not start, and you can quickly solve this problem.

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