CMOS-matrix: features, functions and operating principle of the device

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CMOS-matrix is ​​a device, the main functionwhich is the digitization of certain parameters of the light rays that hit its surface. In modern photo and video equipment, two standard matrixes are used: CMOS and CCD. This article is devoted to a comparison of these two technologies.

general information

So, the CCD-matrix.This type was originally considered the most qualitative, but also more energy-consuming and expensive. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the collection of the entire picture in the analog version, followed by digitization. The CMOS matrix, unlike its competitor, digitizes each pixel separately.

cmos matrix

Comparison of the two technologies

CMOS devices were initially lessenergy-saving and cheap, especially in the production of large-sized devices, but they were inferior to CCD in quality. To this day, CCD-technology is distinguished by a higher-quality image, they are used in various fields of science and industry, where the highest requirements are imposed on the quality of the picture. For example, in medicine.

In recent years, this type of instrumentationenergy cost and cost have significantly decreased, but the CMOS matrix has also advanced significantly in its development. For example, the standard of image quality was improved and brought to a new level. Moreover, a technological revolution was made in the production of sensors based on CMOS technology, namely: for each pixel of the image, a transistor amplifier was inserted for reading. This made it possible to convert the charge into a voltage directly at a point. Thanks to this, the CMOS matrix has become one with CCD technology. And now most modern devices are based on a CMOS-based device.

, the size of the cmos matrix

Advantages of CMOS technology

Summing up the aforesaid, it is possible to summarizeadvantages of such devices. This low power consumption in the static mode, cheap manufacturing (especially if you consider the large size of the CMOS-matrix). Well, the most important advantage is the ability to produce a ready-made digital signal that does not require additional transformations.

Using CMOS technology in computer technology

Every user of modern computer equipment is confronted daily with a device such as a web camera. But few people know that it is based on the principle of CMOS-technologies.

matrix cmos 1 4
Web cameras are used as separatefunctional devices, and built-in, for example, laptops. Such devices are designed to work with networked multimedia applications. These products include: lens, matrix, video capture card, optical filter, image compression unit, processor, flash memory, web server and network interface. The matrix is ​​the backbone of any video camera or photoapparator. After all, the resolution of this device will determine the quality of the transmitted image. Usually this parameter in webcams lies in the range from 0,1 to 2 megapixels. However, in most products it is 0.3 megapixels. Another indicator that defines a webcam is the frame format. The most popular is the CMOS 1/4 matrix. There are other formats, but they are less common (for example, 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 inches).

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