Medicine against the disease of the computer - what is it?

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So, in this article we will learn what is a medicine against the disease of the computer. This is a fairly simple concept, which, however, has many meanings. And, absolutely different.


Undoubtedly, a cure against the disease of the computer -this is nothing more than a so-called antivirus program. Typically, these applications are bought in the store or via the Internet, installed in the operating system, activated, and then begin to work.

medicine against the disease of the computer

In the event that a user suspects having infected the computer, the anti-virus program executes scanning commands on the command, and then heals or removes potentially dangerous files.

True, such a medicine against the disease of the computersometimes "gives slack" and does not find all sources of infection of the system. So, over time, there were other means that help us to cure "OSes". Which ones? Now we learn about them a little more.


Do not know what a medicine is for a diseasecomputer? The answer is very simple. In addition to anti-virus programs, there are also a variety of applications created to detect spyware. They are called antispyware.

In comparison with antivirus, this category"protection" does not search and does not delete / cure computer viruses. The action of such applications is aimed exclusively at finding and "neutralizing" spyware.

As a rule, most anti-spies are free of charge andeasily downloaded from the World Wide Web. True, there are some for which you will have to pay. In combination with antiviruses, these kinds of applications can reliably protect your operating system from a variety of viruses. This is the most real and effective medicine against the disease of the computer. And now you should see what can threaten the operating system. When is it worth talking to our today's assistants?

medicine against the disease of the computer response

Types of "disease"

Well, now we will get to know you with differentcomputer infections. Honestly, there are a lot of them (by their names), however, many of them are similar in effect to the computer. This is exactly what we are now talking about.

The first option is spam.As a rule, the medicine against the illness of the computer turns out to be powerless. The user has to independently look for the source of the infection, and then delete it. Spam is nothing more than constantly popping up ads and banners. They are not dangerous, but they interfere with their work.

The second type of virus is worms.They get into the computer, and then start to multiply and litter it. Now any antivirus can cope with such an infection without problems. Also not very dangerous, but bring some inconvenience.

The most dangerous virus is the Trojan.It is aimed at total destruction of the operating system, encryption of your data, as well as the removal of personal information. With such an infection can only cope with a good medicine against the disease of the computer. Delete / treat as soon as possible.

The last danger is spyware.They are aimed at stealing personal information that is processed on a computer. Also requires prompt treatment. After all, no one wants to know that the number of his online wallet or bank card was stolen by fraudsters.

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