How to shoot a video on YouTube from your computer

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Today, we'll talk about how to shoot a video on"Youtube", because this resource is the most visited site in the world. Many people wish to join the number of its authors and make their videos as interesting as possible.

What to talk about?

how to shoot a video on YouTube

A key role in deciding how to removevideo on "Youtube", in order to achieve the popularity of its channel, the subject matter of the materials plays. There is a certain list of topics that are most in demand at the moment. At the same time, you can always find something new. It's best to create videos whose content interests you. You need to understand what it is, your target audience. If the chosen topic is really of interest to you, you will not exhaust the inspiration for creating new videos. As a result, you will be able to supply really necessary and important information. Big money, however, can not be earned on all fronts.


Now we will discuss how to make a video on "Youtube"financially successful. We emphasize that the profit arises from conversions on advertising, placed by Google on the page of your video. The most expensive clicks are observed on commercial topics (service, sale, purchase of a certain product).

how to make a video on youtube
Find a really interested audience inThis case is much more difficult, but the losses are likely to pay off. For example, the average price of a click on ads on an entertainment roller is 3 to 5 cents, as for the commercial direction, here this figure can grow to several dollars. It is important to understand that in the first variant it is much easier to assemble an audience, however, the aggregate profit, more often than not, is less. We must not forget that there are exceptions to almost all rules. To check certain topics on profitability will help Google Adwords. Some directions collect a huge number of spectators. But this will require experience.

What is now in demand

how to shoot a video on YouTube using fraps

Now we will discuss how to fill the video channel with"Yutube", if you create it at the moment. One of the most popular themes is games. It does not matter whether you make lists of the best and reviews, or shoot the passage. The main thing is to attract the audience. Clicks in this field are estimated to be above average, while the target audience is large. The main disadvantage of the topic is competition. There are a lot of channels telling users about games. The next popular topic is films, as well as everything related to them. Among other things, various reviews and reviews are of interest. Many users, strangely enough, first look for the opinions of experienced video bloggers, then decide whether to go to the cinema. Also interesting are the analysis of various technical issues and noteworthy facts. Since serials and films are now releasing a huge amount, and the audience is interested, this topic is great for creating a channel.

A diary

video channel on YouTube

If you are wondering how to make a video on"Youtube" popular, start blogging, since this direction is currently the peak of prosperity. Often, users take pictures of themselves and tell the public about their affairs, hobbies and thoughts, or they talk with the selected interlocutors. And someone creates a series of educational videos. The main advantage is the coverage of topics. In other words, you do not have to limit yourself in a certain way. The main disadvantage is the complexity of the organization of the target audience. Remember that in this case you have to become a very interesting person to collect a lot of views. If this path is not for you, you can create funny videos, funny reviews or share interesting facts.


To create reviews, you should know how toto shoot video on "Yutub" through "Fraps". This is a simple program for streaming games, directly from the monitor display. The application is created, so that at a certain moment it's easy to begin to shoot absolutely everything that happens on the display during the game. Also you can make a screenshot. The program has a clear interface and simple control. For example, to start recording a game, you must press the F9 key once. You can end the process with the same button. It should be noted that Fraps makes the video in a very high quality. Such videos take up a lot of space. So, the question of how to shoot a video on YouTube using this program is solved, since after the recording process you can immediately add the material to your channel.

how to shoot a video on YouTube from your computer


Now we will discuss how to shoot a video for "Youtube" withcomputer. Be that as it may, it is problematic to create video clips for the famous video hosting without a web camera. Curiously, you can record the material live. The procedure will be as follows. We open the Internet browser and go to the page of the video service Youtube. The first step is authorization. We connect the camera to the computer. On the main page of the resource, we find the appropriate link, which will lead us to the section of the record. We fill in all the fields regarding information about the video that we upload. They are on the left. The filling procedure must be completed before starting the recording. That's the whole trick. Now take care of the quality of the video. Install the camera in front of a light, monophonic background. It is less distracting and better perceived. Shoot in a lighted room. You can also install additional lamps. Now you can start shooting. Do not rush, clearly state your thoughts. In this case, if the frame fails for some reason, remove it again. Do not worry, try to behave naturally. Experiences interfere with making a good video, because words are forgotten and thoughts are lost. Start recording in a good mood, as emotions are transmitted to the audience. A few words about the sound. To make a record of quality, close all doors and windows, otherwise external noise will enter the room and create interference. In many cases it is better to use a microphone. However, there is another option, it can be attributed, first of all, to teaching materials, when the author's face practically does not appear in the frame. The idea implies that a person first shoots a video, and then voices it using a microphone. That's all, now you know how to shoot a video for "Youtube."

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