Varieties and purpose of the operating system

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The operating system is considered softwarelike any other application that runs directly inside it. This increases its status and significance, so developers pay much attention to efficiency and optimization. The operating system is a virtual layer between the hardware and the user.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to form concretetasks and determine the purpose of the operating system. The user needs functional tools of work, through which it will be possible to perform various tasks. OS in this case is not so much the tool itself, as a platform in which they can be fully used.

At the dawn of the creation of the first personalcomputers, the main problem of their implementation was not only high cost, but also the complexity of the work. In fact, such computers simply did not have a convenient interface, so it was necessary to train specialists for work, and this contradicted the notion of "personal computer". Hence, the purpose of the operating system becomes clearer, and most importantly, its significance.

Requirements to be met

It is possible to formulate general requirements,presented to operating systems. The main purpose of the operating system is to increase the efficiency of using computer resources, and this requires special tools and capabilities. Rational use of available resources is very important for effective work, because it allows simultaneously to increase the complexity of the tasks being solved.

In addition, the operating system createsA virtual space that conditionally reflects workflows and computer status. This is done for the convenience of the user. Real hardware models the situation output by software. Thanks to this, the interaction between the machine and the user is established.

If we consider modern systems, then theyshould not only provide tools for work, but also provide high performance. One of the options is to optimize and increase the efficiency of spending of resources, which was mentioned above. The purpose of the operating system is to provide a universal environment where different applications and programs can be used, and the information will be transferred from one computer to another, in addition, the computers and devices themselves must interact freely with each other.

Types of operating systems

At the moment, there are manytypes of OS. This diversity is explained by the different goals and tasks that the developers set themselves. In addition, each OS, as a rule, belongs to a certain family, which has developed for a long time.

The main operating systems for today are Windows and Linux, they are most often found on a PC. Also worth noting MacOS, used on computers from Apple.

In recent years, with the development of mobile devicesand increasing their capabilities, mobile platforms are becoming more popular and relevant for modern users. They are paid no less attention than traditional OS, and developers create software for them.

To some extent, such stratification and attenuationa long monopoly of Microsoft in the market leads to the fact that users are starting to use several types. The second operating system is often a forced necessity, an attempt to protect your data, as well as a way to optimize your work using all available means.

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