Instructions: how to make sliding doors in Meincraft

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Today we will talk about how to make the sliding doors in "Maynkraft". You can create such a design without much difficulty, but for this you need to understand the principle of its operation.


how to make sliding doors
In order to solve the problem of how"Maynkraft" to make sliding doors, a number of elements is necessary. And so, we need: 4 units of blue wool, sticky piston (4), red dust (32), torch (6), pressure plate (4), oak board (4).


Create a base of blocks (2 x 2). Next to the two sides we set two sticky pistons. Then we use blue wool. It is attached to the pistons. At the next stage we excavate the pit, and afterwards we create a kind of ditch, which surrounds the door preparation on one side. Install the red torch in the resulting hole. We lay a network of red stone and set the planks in the pit. The next step is to equip the sliding doors in the Maynkraft with a moat on the other side. To do this, we retreat to 2 blocks and dig a hole 3 deep. Create an underground network of red dust and activate the mechanism. On both sides of the door we put pressure plates. As soon as we touch them, the door will open.


sliding doors in maynkraft
First of all, to address the issue of how"Maynkraft" make sliding doors, we need a torch. It consists of coal and a stick. The latter is only one kind, regardless of the wooden blocks that we will use to create it. As for coal, it is theoretically a spirit of types. However, they differ only in name. Obtain coal from the corresponding ore, which, fortunately, is the most common. At the beginning of our adventure it is rather dangerous to descend to the ground without equipment and torches. At the same time, there is a way out, because there is a way of making coal using an oven. For this, almost any element can be used on the bottom cell as fuel. To save us, the use of boards, rather than ordinary wood, will help us. To understand how to make sliding doors in Maynkraft, we will also need a sticky piston. To create it, you need an iron bar, red dust, boards and cobblestones. Correspondingly, add the components to the workbench. We get a regular piston, and to convert it into a sticky slime. We will find this component from the corresponding creatures, they are found near the marshes. So we decided another important question from the life of "Meincraft": "How to make sliding doors and what is needed for this?"

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