What is Advance RP? Server Administrator Commands

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"GTA: San Andreas "is one of the parts of the legendary series of games that many fans consider the best even after the release of" GTA-5 ". Much of the reason for this is its revolutionary nature, because it was here that players got incredible opportunities that they had not had in any project of such a plan before. However, it should also be noted that its popularity has been maintained for a long period of time, not because of this. The reason lies in the simple reduction of "SAMP". It stands for "San Andreas Multiplayer", that is, it is a multiplayer mode that allows you to unite with other gamers and act out what is happening in the city of San Andreas in the network. It is thanks to this regime that the popularity of the project has been preserved for such a long time.

The main and most popular modemultiplayer aspects of the game - it's RP, that is, a role-playing game. Here, gamers play their roles within a particular server, while following a large number of prescribed rules, which are monitored by administrators. In this article we will talk about the commands of admins, and not just on any server, but specifically on the "Advance RP", whose teams are divided into exactly five levels, so that it would be more convenient to delegate authority.

What it is?

advance of pn team

So, you now have an idea thatsuch RP in the game "GTA: SAMP", but what is "Advance RP"? It turns out that this is one of the many projects that provide players with functional servers, competent rules and adequate control. This means that on the servers "Advance RP" the administrators' teams are the most precise and adequate. It is about them that will be discussed later in the article. You will learn what powers the administration receives and what the responsible persons of this or that level can do. Teams "Advance RP", as already mentioned above, are divided into five levels, and then you can consider each of them separately.

First level

team advance pn

At the first level of administration of the team "AdvanceRP "are quite basic and simple. They do not give much freedom of action, but they are allotted with some means of control. For example, you can use the / sp command to call the monitoring panel for players on the server. In addition, you can view information about each player and his equipment using the / arms command, and the / stats combination will allow you to view the statistics of a particular participant in the north. Naturally, the "Advance RP" teams are not limited to the first level, so you have to become acquainted with the opportunities that administrators of a higher order receive.

Second level

admin commands

Naturally, the commands of the admins "Advance RP" of the secondlevel are different from those that can be used by first-level admins. Of course, higher-level administrators can use all those commands that administrators use at a lower level, but they have a number of combinations that are more advanced. For example, the / get command allows you to find out absolutely all the data about a particular player's account, and using / kick you can throw out any player from the server if its behavior does not comply with the rules. Just remember that kick is not a ban, so the player can return at any time. Also you, for example, can make any player silent, forbidding him to write in the chat and thereby cutting off his path to playing the role. This is done with the / mute command, but you also need to know about the existence of the / unmute command, which returns to the player the right to write in the chat. As you can see, the teams in "SAMP" in "Advance RP" are very diverse, so you will have something to work with.

Third level

team samp appeal pn

As for the third level, the teams hereadministrators "SAMP" in "Advance RP" are becoming much more diverse. If at the first level you had the opportunity to use only six teams of the administrator, then on the second the number of teams increased to 12. And on the third level, you already have 25 teams. And the most important of them, of course, is / ban, which allows you to ban players, that is, not just throw them from the server, but at the same time forbid them to return. In addition, you still have a lot of opportunities, such as teleportation to home or business (/ house or / biz), taking the business under control (/ inter), viewing the IP address of any player (/ ip) and so on. Special attention should be paid to the commands / jail and / unjail, which allow you to put any player in jail and release him from prison.

Fourth level

admin teams samp advans rp

As you can already see, the number of teams,available to the administrator, significantly increases with the increase in its level. And on the fourth level, you can already use 40 commands, so that you will be able to access almost all the functionality. What does this level give you? First, you can use the / rban command, which allows you to ban players by IP address. Also, only the fourth-level admins can ban and remove the lock from the players. As you remember, third-level admins can only send players to the ban, but they can not return them from there.

Also, the administrator of this level has a largethe number of powerful game commands that allow you to create a car from the emptiness, set the specific weather on the street, set the player's health score to a certain level and much more. It would seem, what else could be better? What other commands can a fifth-level admin use? It's time to find out.

Fifth level

The fifth level of administration in the game stands outin that it is available to use the / gmx server restart command, to delete the player's / delacc account, and to issue the lead / makeleader. Naturally, only the fifth-level admins can use the / arang command, which raises or lowers the level of other administrators.

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