How to avoid infecting a computer or just ignore many kinds of viruses

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Viruses arose almost simultaneously withappearance of a computer. And now for many users the problem of protecting the security of their computer remains urgent. However, do not exaggerate the danger and clog your computer with a bunch of protection programs to leave different kinds of computer viruses overboard. Why? The situation is simple: if at the dawn of the Internet and personal computers knowledge and programming skills were possessed by really worthy people who could write something devastating, now any student by copying-paste can write on the knee any virus and consider himself a mega-hacker.

types of viruses

On the one hand, it's very bad, becausethere are a lot of such individuals and the Internet is very fast now. On the other - such people are usually extremely stupid and to write something worthwhile, they do not have enough imagination. Therefore, the types of viruses created by them in the presence of some (very small) amount of experience are almost not dangerous and it is easier to fight with them. Well, the chance to catch something from a professional is almost zero, because usually - just for fun - they do not infect computers. And besides, they are closely monitored for their work and patches for security systems are immediately sewed under such terrible viruses. These viruses are placed on the priority in the detection queue in antivirus programs. In this article we will look at a few tips that will help you, if suddenly that, with little blood to get rid of or block the most common types of viruses.

Risk groups

To begin with, we will deal with this for manynot obvious point. Very often you can hear that, they say: "Yes, I have viruses - I have nothing to steal." Ha, holy simplicity! If you use Internet banking, play online games, develop intelligent projects or simply have an account in social networks, then you can steal from you a lot of things - believe me. Remember, many types of viruses do not want to break your computer, but steal intellectual property, and with it money.

 computer virus types
Computer viruses, types

1. Viruses: programs register their code in other programs - infect.

2. Worms: in their name and their definition. They are able to "creep" from one computer to another using the network.

3. Trojans: a Trojan horse. It does not know how to infect files, so it usually spreads under the guise of useful software - hence the name.

4. Spies: steal, collect and send where necessary information. Usually written either individually for the client, or for the type of information you need. For example, for credit card codes.

5. Phishing: fishermen, whose main vocation is to fetch money from the simpleton. Masked under important messages from various important structures. Example: you won a million dollars! Just enter the card number and TIN to get the money. One thing is clear, as soon as you do this, the account will be immediately reset.

Tips for avoiding, minimizing damage

If you suspect that some types of viruses have attacked your computer, then:

1) Check autoload. Maybe lucky - and there is an uninvited guest sitting there.

2) Download and update programs only from official sites. They usually look like: * program name.

3) Never pay extortionists. Further threats "to break the campus" usually they do not go - the brains are not enough.

types of computer viruses

4) If the virus blocked you soc. network or something else, overwrite the hosts file in the Windows folder.

5) This point is inspired by the past - before you do something, ask Google - he knows the answers to almost all the questions.

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