The End of the World in Meincraft: How to Survive

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Today we will talk about a special edition of the game, according to the story of which the end of the world happened in "Maynkraft", everything died on earth and the civilization is to be revived to our hero.


end of the world in maynkraft
More recently, life has blossomed on earth, birds have sung andthe foliage rustled in the forests, civilization developed, creating new cities and mechanisms. However, the end of the world came to "Maynkraft" and all life was destroyed. The planet in the familiar virtual world has become a lifeless desert. Now the whole world is in ruins. It is inhabited by horrible mutating creatures. Tiny remnants of civilization were preserved only in the territory of air fortresses. Plants and almost all animals died. Our character is a person who came from the past. He wakes up in an anabiosis capsule, when a lot of time has passed since the catastrophe. He needs to bring back to life nature and, of course, survive.

"Maynkraft": survival, the end of the world and a new reality

after the end of the world
So, we wake up in an anabiosis capsule. We leave the shelter and turn to the computer, checking if there are messages for us. We enter the command to call the help, for this we type INFORMATION. We get information about the date, energy and radiation on the surface. We check for the availability of various resources all the storage facilities that we will find in our bunker, including the refrigerator and chests. We also have a stove that can help in the future. Before going to the surface, we put on a special protective suit, because after the end of the world, "Mayncraft" became much more cruel and without it we can not survive. We take with us cylinders with air. We should not, however, forget about their savings, since such resources are extremely scarce. On a special ladder we rise to the surface.

New dangers

maincraft survival of the end of the world
The end of the world in "Maynkraft" led to the birth of newmonsters, therefore, as soon as we leave our shelter, special care must be taken. Nearby is a funnel left by a nuclear explosion, but it's better to stay away from it.

As soon as possible, we find the surviving tree. We collect valuable blocks. If time permits, you can inspect the ruins, they often find useful elements. After the first inspection of the territory is completed, and the useful elements are collected, we return to the shelter, near which we put the mark, so as not to be lost in the future. At home we create a workbench, and on it necessary tools. Again we go upstairs for resources, first of all we collect coal and stones. We must create a pickax and extract cobblestone.

Before nightfall, build holes in theasylum. From the collected materials we create torches, because in the dark time they are irreplaceable. In the future, a special lock can be installed in the shelter, which will continuously purify the air. While it's night on the street, we'll clean up our new house. If you have the necessary resources, create a sword. So we learned about the destruction that brought the end of the world to Meincraft, and also managed to live a day in a new reality and prepare for the future.

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