How to install games on the tablet - a few simple tips

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For gadgets running on the operating systemAndroid, Google annually releases thousands of applications and games, which are fairly easy to install by downloading them from the Google Play website. This is not the only way to saturate your smartphone or tablet with software. Android is an open source system. Therefore, many products are written by programmers, far from cooperation with Google. Their works are available on many Internet sites. "How to install games on the tablet?" - a pretty popular request. In response to it, you will receive a list of millions of portals offering a variety of software and tips for installing it. In our article you will not find the programs themselves, but we'll tell you how to install the games on the tablet.

how to install games on a tablet

The first way

It is that the application is downloadingfrom the Google Play website. As already mentioned, this is the official portal for the distribution of software designed specifically for gadgets on the Android platform. In order to use the services of this market, run from your laptop the same name with the store application. Select the category "Games" or TOP software. Each application has a brief description of its purpose. This, as they say, plus. What, then, is the minus? Traffic. Often cellular network operators limit it or charge a large fee for each megabyte. If it does not frighten you, we will continue:

  1. Select a game.
    apps for android tablets
  2. Click on the icon "Download".

In principle, your participation in the process called"How to install games on the tablet", is over. The system itself will determine the location of new files. You do not even need to run the installation file.

Method of the second

Do not always need Internet in a laptop toinstall applications for tablets. Android provides the ability to download them from your computer. In it, you first save the games downloaded from the network in special folders. But for the Android system, all applications are archives. Before installation, they must be unpacked. For this, any archiver is suitable. Your actions will be as follows:

  • connect the laptop to the computer with a USB cable;
  • in the tablet settings, select the "Applications" section;
  • check the box next to the menu bar "Allow installation of applications from unknown sources";
  • exit the settings of the laptop and create a folder to install;
  • Games for Android-tablets are installed after the start of the file with the extension. apk;
  • Drag such file from the unpacked archive into the computer into the folder in the laptop;
  • disconnect it from a desktop computer;
  • Double click on the .apk file icon to start the game installation.

games for android tablets
This way of filling your gadgetapplications is practical if you are a disciplined person and do not forget to update the software updates from time to time. Otherwise, select the first installation method. And a little advice. On third-party, non-Google resources, you can often infect your laptop with a very bad virus. Before asking the question: "How to install games on the tablet?", Ensure the security of your gadget with the help of a powerful antivirus.

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