Types of computer memory

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Many types of memory will be restrained in the computer. There are devices that contain temporary information, others can be programmed, and in the third, information can be stored for a long time. For permanent storage of a large amount of information, you can use hard disks and optical disks of various formats. These external devices are supplemented with memory modules that are integrated into the system board.

There are such types of computer memory: ROM, RAM, hard disk, optical disks and various portable drives.

As an example of one type of ROM memoryonly for reading, you can bring the BIOS. This type is built into the motherboard and used at the initial stage of computer boot. This memory contains a set of the most important software, which establishes the initial connection between devices intended for input and output of information. Bios creates a bridge between the microprocessor and the hard disk, which contains the operating system of the computer. This process is called boot.

ROM - these are the types of computer memory thatare very different from all others, since they are intended for high-speed access to them. This type is used only for data storage. In its appearance, the ROM is an integrated chip, which is usually not replaceable. The difference between this type and others is that it must have high-speed access, and its reading cycle should be minimal, it does not have any moving parts, so such functions became possible. This view differs also in that the information is stored in it and at the time when the computer is completely turned off.

RAM is a high-speedmemory, which is used to store information while the computer is running. In this form, information storage is possible only while the computer is turned on and running. The computer's memory is traditionally provided by modules, which can be deleted or replaced if desired. The purpose of this type is to store the intermediate data obtained during the operation of the microprocessor. The access time to this data should be minimal, therefore, certain requirements are imposed on the RAM modules.

There are also types of computer memory,which allow you to store information for a long time. For example, a hard disk is a device that is designed to permanently store information and data that is not erased when the computer is turned off. Usually, the operating system and the necessary application software are installed on the hard disk. The hard disk is connected to the motherboard and is an external storage device.

Types of computer memory and their interaction

Sometimes there is a situation when you see onmonitor message: "Too little virtual memory". In this case, you should know that the computer uses not only the operational memory but also the physical memory of the computer during operation, so when there is a lack of RAM it refers to a memory dump, the size of which depends on the computer settings. The user can independently increase this volume, which will greatly facilitate the work. To do this, you must enter the system settings and find the "Performance" item, where you make the necessary changes. You must select the disk with the swap file and the size of the file itself.

Another important type is the computer's cache memory,which performs the functions of a kind of buffer that exchanges information between the processor and RAM. This type of memory is the fastest, which is necessary to ensure high-quality uninterrupted operation of the computer. Traditionally, the amount of such memory fluctuates within 128-512 kilobytes.

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