The most convenient means of removing malware

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About what antiviruses are and what they are capable ofto do, know, probably, everything. But the antivirus as a means of removing malware is not always convenient. To constantly monitor the system, it consumes too much resources, and in order to conduct periodic checks, we must allocate time. On old and slow computers, the presence of the antivirus loads the system very heavily.

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Another reason why an antivirus is not alwaysThe best way to remove malware is to reduce the life of your hard drive. The presence of antivirus at times increases the load on it, and if it already has "broken" sectors, it is better not to take risks.

A convenient alternative is special tools for virus removal. There are many more than antivirus programs. And even there are quite good free options.

First of all, it is necessary to mention WindowsDefender (Defender). This free malicious software removal tool from Microsoft can be updated every month along with system updates via the Internet. Recall, the company does not prevent updates even for pirated versions of the OS, so that these computers do not become carriers during the "epidemics".

You can start Defender if you type mrt.exe in the console (the Start button> Run). Then follow the prompts. The utility runs on demand, you can check the entire system, select folders and disks, run a quick virus scan. You can also read more about the Defender in the Windows help.

In addition to Defender, Microsoft offers the tools Removal Tool and Security Essentials, which also often update their databases, are available for download for free and without restrictions.

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Manufacturers produce their own utilitiesknown antivirus programs, such as Dr.Web, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, McAfee and others. A similar program for virus removal can be transferred to a USB drive and used to test different systems, as it is not necessary to install it. Some manufacturers can offer special versions of programs to protect the portable drive, starting work while connecting the flash drive to the computer.

The Malicious Software Removal Tool can bePackaged in a set of utilities to optimize the system (the so-called tweakers) or offered as a separate product. It should be noted that only an experienced user can take full advantage of all the tools offered. And for some programs, such as HijackThis, knowledge of what the virus looks like is required. Otherwise, you risk deleting harmless and necessary system files. Typically, the program will offer you a list of suspicious objects and options for actions or perform a scan and delete the files itself. The latter method of work is the least effective, since only the most suspicious or most harmful objects for the system are deleted.

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The main advantage of any virus removal tool is that it can be launched only at the user's request.

In many cases, it does not necessarily have to be in memory all the time. Although this depends on the specific purpose of the utility.

And that any tool worked well, it, like a heavyweight antivirus, you need to update your databases from time to time (in some cases you download not the database, but the new build of the program).

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