Terraria does not start: what should I do?

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Terraria is an adventurous indie game thatcame out in 2013 on mobile platforms, personal computers and consoles of the past generation. Despite the most simple graphics, the game has acquired a million army of fans around the world. In this article, you will learn what to do if Terraria does not start.

terraria does not start

System requirements

First, check with the officialsystem requirements. To start and stable operation of the game, you need to have the following system configuration: Intel processor or AMD with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, video card with 128 MB of memory and only 200 MB for installation on the hard disk. As you can see, the system requirements for the game are as low as possible. If the characteristics of your computer is sufficient, then Terraria does not start for another reason.

Software Update

Before starting the game, try to update allavailable drivers. It is especially recommended to do this with respect to the video card and sound card. You can download them on the official websites of the creators. Before installing, it is recommended that you remove the older drivers from your computer.

In addition to the drivers, Terraria does not start because of theold versions of the game software (DirectX, Net.Framework and so on). On a licensed version of Steam, this process is automatic. When you first start the game, the service checks the availability and up-to-dateness of all software versions. If you play on pirate servers, then all the software you have to install manually, as in the case of video card drivers.

what to do if terraria does not start

Conflict with antivirus

For the duration of the game, try disabling the installedantivirus. It is possible that the protection program blocks access to the game files, so Terraria does not start. If the problem is this, then just turn off the computer protection for the duration of the game, and afterwards re-enable the antivirus program.

Startup Methods

Try to enable the game through the main EXE filein the root folder. It's possible that the shortcut on the desktop has a corrupted path to the installed game. It is also recommended to run Terraria as administrator. If you use the operating system "Windows" 8 or 10, then through the properties of the shortcut, set the compatibility mode with "Windows 7", because it was this game that was created for it.

Now you know what to do if Terraria does notis launched, and you can eliminate the problem quickly and without nerves. Also, it is not recommended to use pirated copies and servers to limit access to malicious software to your personal computer.

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