How to clean your computer of viruses

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In the world of computers and virtual networks appearedA tragic problem is viruses and spies. Not everyone cares about the safety of their PC, and then they ask themselves how to clean the computer of viruses. Reply to it in one sentence is not possible, so for him was written an entire article.

how to clean your computer of viruses
With each there were such cases that the computer does notwas launched, braked, gave out incomprehensible images or did not obey your actions at all. These are the manifestations of the viruses spread on the network, and these are the most innocent representatives. Some people lose their Internet business due to the fact that the spy climbed into the PC and stole the necessary information or downloaded all the passwords.

And this is not the end, sometimes viruses are hackedwallets, and money is transferred from your account. Then helpless owners in a panic rush to the computer and do not know what to do. So, to prevent this, it is important to know how to clean your computer of viruses.

How to remove viruses from a PC

  • First, install a powerfulantivirus, if it has not already done so. It is important that a licensed version is installed, otherwise the virus databases will not be updated, and your visibility will be the same. Now in the software market, such representatives as NOD 32, Kasperskiy, Panda, Dr. Web and others.
    how to clean your computer from viruses
  • It is advisable to go to the nearest software centerprovide, which is in your city, and buy the latest version of the antivirus. You can also call the wizard to install it correctly and configure it.
  • Once the antivirus is installed, you needCheck your computer for viruses and spyware. To do this, open the main application window. There will be a choice - a full scan or selective. The first time you need to perform a full scan, because Malicious programs can be located anywhere in your system. The check will take quite some time, about 2 hours, it also depends on the power of your computer.
  • So that you no longer ask yourself howclean your computer of viruses, check your system 2-3 times a month. It's enough to include a selective scan, where you have to specify the necessary directories that the antivirus will check. Then you will not have any problems. It is worth noting that if you are a fan of XXX sites, then you will have to clean your computer much more often, be vigilant.

clean your computer from viruses
So, now you know how to clean your computerfrom viruses, but for more confidence you can download another program called Dr.Web Curlet. With it, you will kill all malignant programs on your PC. The program is quite efficient and easy to use. It is important to know that before you activate it, you need to disable all anti-virus programs, otherwise they will start to destroy each other. Regarding the settings, you should make a few comments. After the first download, the program asks you to purchase the full version, but you can close this window (you are not going to use it all the time). After entering the settings, set all the checkboxes so that the program deletes or quarantines any suspicious programs. Using the right software, you no longer need to return to the question of how to clean your computer of viruses.

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