Types of antivirus programs. Viruses and antivirus programs

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Every day computers and laptops are exposedevery possible attack of malicious software. This, as well as ways to combat this problem has been said a lot. However, such questions are received every day, and their number not only does not decrease, but on the contrary increases. Most likely, this is due to the fact that more and more people are mastering computers. Therefore, today we will talk about what kinds of anti-virus programs there are. After all, they prevent the "enemy" software from getting to your data, and also neutralize everything that has already been able to penetrate your digital information. Today, probably, only a madman uses his computer without having such protection. It is enough to enter the Internet once or insert a third-party storage medium in order to expose your data to the risk of destruction.


types of antivirus programs

So, immediately I will note that all the existing speciesviruses and antivirus programs did not occur immediately. They appeared and improved over the years, and the so-called viruses appeared first, after which the developers released the appropriate software to combat electronic pests.


Before we begin to disassemble the speciesantivirus programs, it is worth saying that today it will be hard to meet this or that kind of software in its pure form. This is due to the fact that nowadays, due to a huge number of different malicious objects, developers have to create their own product in such a way that it can monitor and neutralize all types of malicious software. Therefore, these products consist of several components.


The first on the list is the scanner. It is the main element of modern software. All anti-virus programs for Windows 7, Windows 8 and so on have this component in their composition. Roughly speaking, this element performs passive protection of your computer. When you run it, or it will be done by the order, the scanner will scan the specified areas. It can be either one file or several hard disks.

viruses and antivirus programs

How will the maliciousobjects? Everything is very simple. The scanner will perform a search and comparison of the software virus code. Examples of such codes are contained in pre-defined signatures (sets of a characteristic sequence of bytes for all known viruses).

Although today all the major types of anti-virusprograms are combined in one product, it is worth saying a few words about the shortcomings of a single scanner. First, it is defenseless against all viruses that do not have a permanent code, and which can be modified while preserving all of their basic functions. Secondly, this component is not able to resist the varieties of the same viruses, as a result of which the user is forced to constantly update the anti-virus database. Well, the main drawback of this tool is, of course, the lack of ability to detect previously unknown and new viruses. And such an opportunity is quite in demand today, especially when it comes to the new threat of infecting thousands of computers with e-mail. And such infection can be realized all over the world in just a few hours.


antivirus software for windows 7

We continue to understand what species areantivirus software. Next on our list are monitors. It is from this element along with scanners that the basic protection of laptops and computers is formed. Based on all available signatures, all current processes are checked in real time. Whether viewing the file or launching it, a preliminary check before performing any actions will be performed.

There are monitors designed formail client (program for processing and viewing e-mail), file monitors, as well as monitors for special applications. Basically, the latter are provided with modules for checking the files "Microsoft Office". The advantage of this component is the ability to detect malicious software at the very first stage of activity.


But this is not all types of antivirus programs. The next type is auditors. They are able to save to a certain database all the status data at any time in the critical system areas for work. In the future, the current files are simply compared with those that were registered earlier. Thus, it makes it possible to identify all suspicious changes, if the latter took place.

main types of antivirus programs

The advantages of these tools includelow hardware requirements, as well as high speed. And the thing is that the auditors do not need any anti-virus database at all. After all, the difference and perception are made solely on the principle of the immutability of the source files. All this makes it possible to effectively restore the system if it was damaged by the activities of those or other malicious modules.

But, as you probably already guessed, there areand some flaws. They consist in the inability to quickly respond to the fact that a virus appears in the computer system. Also during the scan, new files are excluded. Most viruses, which infect only newly created files, enjoy this.


types of viruses and antivirus programs

Completing our topic "viruses and antivirusprograms, I want to talk about the latest type of protection software. These are vaccines, or they are also called immunizers. This software simulates the infection of your files with some viruses. As a result, if this malicious software “invades” into your computer, then the viruses "that the data is already infected and simply will not infect them.

It is fair to note that this method does notis effective to protect the system. This is due to the fact that some viruses simply do not check for whether the system is infected or not. Also, the methods of such testing of viral agents can vary considerably. Therefore, in our time, this protection option is practically not used.

On this our topic "viruses and anti-virus programs" can be considered considered.

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