How to disable McAfee: antivirus software

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Every day in the world of computers and the Internetnew viruses and spyware appear. To protect your car, you must constantly be aware of updates and antivirus software, which is very much, and to figure out which is better, it can be difficult. To date, the most popular technology uses the protection of the computer McAfee Active Protection. This is a kind of unique software, on the basis of which the modern anti-virus engine McAfee AntiVirus is developed. With its use, you can forget about the problems associated with protection for a long time, and security will always be under control. The program can be used with a license, and you can find a free version. All information on how to install, how to disable McAfee, how to work with it, in large numbers is on the Internet. This article summarizes some key points about antivirus software.

One of the features of McAfee is the workprograms even in the case when nobody uses it. Scanning and auto-updating will be done automatically. You can play, work, download files and be quiet for the security of information. If the user has ever used this antivirus, he will not have such a desire to disable the McAfee antivirus.

The latest version of this product still works.faster, has an improved interface, the quality of the work of the antivirus, speaks for itself; contains all the necessary components for protection. Uninterrupted never scanning allows you to maintain a sense of confidence for the equipment, to work without risk to pick up spyware. If you want, you can set the schedule for the McAfee scan. And the built-in notification system is convenient because it keeps the user up to date on all current events by displaying messages on the computer screen. That is, everything that happens in the system is reported to the owner in time, and this allows you to perform the necessary actions, right up to disabling McAfee, so that serious and even irreparable damage does not occur.

The antivirus program starts automaticallywith the computer turned on. But there are moments in the work, when for a while you need to stop the action of the antivirus. The question of how to turn off McAfee in the process is of interest to many, since there is a lot of information about the installation, and the problem of disabling is covered in less detail. Difficult and difficult in this. You must log in as an administrator. Find the McAfee icon in the lower right corner, click on it and select VirusScan Console from the menu that opens. Double-click the right mouse button to open the item Access Protection (translated as access protection). Here, you must uncheck the box that appears before the Prevent McAfee Services from being stopped check box. Confirm your actions by clicking the "OK" button. After returning to the menu, the On-Access Scanner opens and displays the option how to turn off McAfee for the required amount of time. The Enable button, which is visible here, allows you to return to the antivirus operation.

And, in conclusion, we will highlight the question of howDisable McAfee by completely removing it from your computer. Any program is not perfect, and as a result, there are errors that slow down the system. In such cases, only removal will help. With the usual removal program, McAfee can not be removed from the computer. It needs to be done in a safe mode, which is started with the F8 key, since it is in this case that the minimum number of drivers and other components is launched, which makes it possible to find and fix errors faster if they arise. When the system starts, you need to go to the Configuration menu and disable startup and the actual McAfee service. This is done using the Start menu, where "msconfig" is written in the search string. In the components found, remove all the checkmarks opposite the inscriptions associated with the operation of the antivirus. The next step is to restart the computer and delete the McAfee (Program Files) and (Program Data) folders. The final step is to delete all registry entries associated with this antivirus.

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