Why does the computer hang and how to deal with it?

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The joy of buying a new computer is simply notknows the boundaries, but there comes a time when this joy gradually turns into nervousness, anger and even a manifestation of aggression. The reason for this is a periodic or regular hang of the computer. There is no unambiguous answer as to why the computer hangs, as this can happen for many reasons.

The main reasons we will now consider, and youlearn how to not only fix it, but also avoid it. So, the very first reason is the effects of various spyware and viruses, which are just teeming with the Internet. Talk about the nature of their origin does not make sense, but how to protect yourself from them, you need to know each user.

First, update your antivirus software regularlyprogram, because the viruses are transformed daily and eventually penetrate into your system. Secondly, regularly check your computer for virus programs. This can be done about once a week. The question may arise, why does the computer turn on long at startup? The thing is that antiviruses scan some files of the system, which leads to a decrease in the download speed (this problem can be fixed by making the appropriate settings for the anti-virus program). And thirdly, try to visit as little as possible dubious sites (usually it's porn sites). The implementation of these simple rules will substantially protect your computer; and therefore the question why the computer hangs will be simply not relevant.

Another answer to the question why the computerIt works slowly, it can be found in the processor overheating because of insufficient cooling. This is because the cooler can not cope with its duties due to heavy loads on the system, for example, with a long game. A layer of dust adversely affects the operation of the bearings of the cooler and it starts to hum and vibrate. This problem is solved not only by removing dust, but also by constant control over the temperature of the processor. There are a lot of corresponding utilities, so with a significant heating, you need to give the processor a little rest.

There are a few morecommon reasons why the computer hangs up due to faults in RAM and the hard drive. The problems with RAM are easily eliminated if there is a loose bar. But to find this problem is quite difficult, because if the cause of the failure is not visually, then complex testing will take a lot of time, and not every user can do it. Therefore, if you suspect a computer crashes due to RAM, it's best to contact the service center. But with the hard drive things are a bit simpler, although the replacement of this node will cost much more. Experienced users know that when any sounds appear in the hard drive, an early replacement of this part is inevitable, since repair of hard drives is not always available.

There are many more reasons why it hangsThe computer or system performance slows down significantly. It is worth noting that if your computer has been purchased for a long time, then you do not need to download heavy applications and modern games that require a lot of system memory. On the contrary, you need to maximally offload the system so that all the main applications can easily open.

At the end of the article, it should be noted that sometimes the reasonsThere can be several computer hangs, so it's hard to determine the specific ones. Do not despair, but just take the system unit to a service center, where you will always be helped. In the service center you will be able to find out the reasons for the occurrence of a particular problem, which means that in the future you will be able to avoid repetition of your mistakes when operating a PC!

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