Firewall - what is it? Standard PC protector

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what does a firewall do
Firewall - what is it? A useful feature in the operating system or an ineffective means of protection? Before answering this question, we need to find out what the firewall is doing and how to properly configure it.

General information

For successful work of the computer it is necessary to saveit from getting into the system of viruses. They can penetrate both through the global network, that is, the Internet, and through specialized applications that you, for example, buy or download, as well as through removable media (flash cards, disks). To protect your computer, there are many programs. Some of them are engaged only in protecting the PC, others are providing a barrier to the Internet parasites, and some are able to do both. So, the firewall - what is it? Special software that deals with packet data filtering. In this case, a check is made for their compliance with the parameters set in the system, which the user sets himself (also you can use the default settings). In Windows operating systems, the firewall function is built-in, and all that needs to be done to make it work is to activate it. It is also possible to install third-party software that performs it

firewall - what is it

Firewall Features

Performing the role of the system defender, this functionallows you to avoid infecting files on your computer with viruses and supports correct operation in general. At the same time, during your "wandering" on the global network, the firewall (what it is, we looked at earlier) analyzes the data that is transmitted via the Internet in the form of packets, compares information about them and, if they contradict the security policy and do not comply with the rules, blocks them and closes them access to your PC.

How do I configure the firewall?

In order for the program to function correctly anddid not make it hard for you to work on the Internet, you need to correctly and correctly configure it. That is, to write down your own rules. Below we will talk about how to configure Windows Firewall. The user will only need to activate it. You can do this as follows:

  • go to the "Start";
  • select "Control Panel";
  • find the item "Windows Firewall";
    how to configure Windows Firewall
  • in the opened window check whether the application is on, if not, then activate it.

The second step is to configure the allowedconnections and exceptions. This is done in two ways: either you manually register the program (those programs) that are denied access, or each time the system encounters an attempt to launch a new application, specify a rule (that is, allow or deny access). Constantly you do not have to choose, indicating once the rule for the system, you can forget about it. That is, each time the computer will use it. You can deactivate the rule at any time through the "Control Panel" - "Windows Firewall". Whether it is worth using a standard system protector or better to install a third-party application, it's up to you, but, according to experts, the latest versions of Windows "Windows" have an excellent firewall. What is it, you now know!

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