Three Basic Methods of Finding Work

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Search for a good job, as well as selectionqualified personnel, a very responsible and important process on which the company's prosperity depends and the welfare of the employee depends. There are several well-established search channels, which we consider below.

Job search through the Internet

At the moment this is the most commonmethod. There are many websites devoted to this issue, where applicants post their resumes, and companies place their vacancies. For a job seeker, this method is convenient because it is enough to create your own resume once and place it on several sites, after which you can safely wait until they get in touch with him. Minimal time and maximum effect. For the employer, positive points are also evident. You can set the necessary filters (age, gender, qualification, etc.) and in a few seconds get a regularly updated sample of a variety of suitable candidates. The downside is that no one is involved in the verification of applicants or employers. It often happens that the summary on the sites do not correspond to reality, just like the vacancies. You have to go through a lot of options before you can find a few really real and worthwhile ones.

Recruitment agencies

The most optimal, but also expensive way of recruitment or job search. Recruitment agencies These are specialized organizations thatAre interested in that the future worker and the employer have found each other. It is beneficial to all. First, they have the most complete database of vacancies and job applicants. Secondly, the agency's staff personally conduct interviews and inspect enterprises, while excluding the possibility of fraud or fraud. Thirdly, you trust professionals who are sure to find something suitable for you personally. Of all the options, this method is the fastest, most qualitative and effective.


So far effective is the search for work andemployees through the placement of ads in the media and even just in places where people are crowded. Almost every city has several printed publications that accept such ads for free or for little money. In this method there are a number of pros and cons for the applicant. From the positive, we can note the low costs for placement and a sufficiently broad target audience. But the main disadvantage is the format of such an announcement. This is a small text in which it is impossible to disclose all information about your skills and abilities, so it is difficult to imagine yourself as a potential employer. In addition, this niche is practically occupied by network marketing organizations, which rarely offer normal work without investment and even more rarely disclose information about themselves before the applicant comes for an interview. You can spend a lot of extra time on such useless adventures. For employers, in turn, the pluses also consist in low costs for staff search and placement of ads. But, in comparison with the Internet, the information is very slowly updated and the number of applicants is an order of magnitude lower.

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