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Today we will tell about who is EugeneThe Don. The biography of this man and his creative path will be examined further. He was born in 1978, on November 11th. He was born in the territory of the German city of Potsdam. At the moment in the arsenal of the artist participation in the Club of merry and resourceful, writing exciting scenarios for famous TV series, producing activities aimed at developing humorous shows, acting experience.


evgeny of the Don
Stage activities of Eugene Donskikh beganto be engaged in the student's period. In 1999, he became a member of the KVN team "PFUR". He played in the staff until 2007. The performances in the games of KVN resulted in a colossal experience for the young man. He also received many titles and awards. He became the champion of the Major League. Got the title of the best captain. He became the owner of the Champions Cup in 2007. Received "KiViNa in gold."

The PFUR team, in which he played, was thricethe finalist of the Major League, as well as the champion. The collective is a representative of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship. The team consists of representatives of different peoples. Often jokes of the team concern stereotypes that have developed about different nationalities. The team first appeared in the game of the Major League in 2003. In 2006, became the champion, defeating the team "LUNA". In 2007, the team announced that it was leaving the club. But soon returned.

After the completion of the KVN actorengaged in the organization and promotion of the author's project "League of Nations." This contest of humorists appeared on the air of the STS channel. He managed to gather a huge audience.


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Yevgeny Donskikh is the co-author of the television seriesunder the name "Daddy's Daughters". His translation began in 2007 and helped to establish our hero as a creative producer and screenwriter. After a successful start, this creative person starts working on another interesting project. He took up the development of the sketch-com "One for all."

Subsequent his work was similar in format tothis project. Among them, the popularity of the audience and currently use television projects "Traffic Light" and "Give the young!". In a number of his works Eugene Donskikh appeared as a screenwriter, producer and even a talented actor. He not only devotes his time to television, but also engaged in small private works. He is invited as the host of various events: anniversaries, concerts, celebrations. The artist is happy to prepare and conduct interesting celebrations.

Among his achievements is the sound of heroesin animated films "Alice knows what to do" and "Zambezia." The writer and presenter has a lot of hobbies. Most of them relate to outdoor activities. It's about traveling to different countries and cities, picking mushrooms, diving, riding. In 2009, he married Yana Mehovskaya.


evgeny of the Don biography
Eugene Donskikh one of the main personal victories in thetoday considers the occupation of the post of deputy in the Directorate of the producers of the TV channel "Russia 1". It happened in 2014. Now you know who Eugene Donskikh is. Photos of the artist are attached to this material.

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