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Today we will talk about the film "The Matrix: Reboot ". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about continuing the movie of the same name. The painting was shot by the Wachowski brothers. The premiere took place in Los Angeles in 2003. The next film in the series was the picture "The Matrix: The Revolution". The film was filmed from 2001 to 2002, mainly in Sydney in the pavilions of the studio Fox Studios Australia. Some scenes also took place in the Australian Redfern and California - the USA. After finishing the work on the painting 97% of the scenery was recycled. Many wooden objects were sent to Mexico City for the construction of cheap housing.


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First discuss the plot of the film, then there will beactors are represented. "The Matrix: Reloading" tells about the events that occur six months after the story described in the first film. The rebels will learn about the terrible news. Machines dig the earth and want to get to the only city of people - Zion. Commander Locke orders all ships to return to the city and prepare for defense. However, the captain of the ship "Nebuchadnezzar", Morpheus, does not comply with the order. He believes that Pythia will soon contact Neo and tell him the rest of the prophecy.

Key players

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Next are the actors who starred. "The Matrix: Reboot" is a film in which the main character is Thomas Anderson, better known as Neo. Keanu Reeves performed this role. It's about the Canadian-American actor, producer, director and musician. He is best known for his roles in the following films: Johnny Mnemonics, Kings of the Streets, Devil's Advocate, On the Crest of the Wave, Speed, John Wick, The Matrix. He worked with famous filmmakers, among them Bernardo Bertolucci, Francis Ford Coppola, Gus Van Sant, Stephen Frears.

Lawrence Fishbourne played Morpheus. Carrie-Anne Moss embodied the image of Trinity.

Other heroes

matrix reload actors and roles
Below are the supporting roles of the second planactors. "Matrix: Reloading" is a movie in which a character named Smith appears. Hugo Weaving performed this role. Gloria Foster played Pythia. Helmut Bakaitis and Lambert Wilson are also actors in the project. "The Matrix: Reloading" is the film in which they appeared, like the Architect and Merovingen. Monica Bellucci embodied the image of Persephone. Lee Wennell played the role of Axel. Actors of the movie "The Matrix: Reloaded" Adrian and Neil Reimenki played the twins. Daniel Bernhardt played the role of agent Johnson. Sing Ngai embodied the image of Seraph. Nona Gay appears in the story as Zi. Roy Jones played Captain Ballard. Steve Bastoni played the role of Soren. David Kild embodied the image of Jackson's agent. Randall Dook Kim was remembered by the audience as a master of keys. Harry Lennix embodied the image of Commander Jason Locke. Matt McColm acted as Thompson's agent. Harold Perrino, Jr. played Link.

Jada Pinkett Smith appears in the story as Nyoba. Gina Torres played Cas. Cornel West embodied the image of a council member. Bernard White appeared in the story as Rama-Kandra. E. Wong embodied the image of the Ghost. Malcolm Kennard turns into Ebel. Anthony Zerb performed the role of Hamman. Ian Bliss played Bane. Stony Burek embodied the image of a motorcycle driver.

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