Omaha Poker: The rules of the game.

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Currently, poker has won almost all of thepeace. This card game is a success even for non-professionals and beginners. Everywhere you can see television broadcasts involving meters of the game or just famous people. Poker has several varieties. Not everyone knows exactly how to play this or that kind of poker. Now thanks to the Internet, you can easily find out. It is enough just to enter into the search engine's line "poker rules of badugi, Texas Hold'em, triple stud, stud, Omaha" and so on. And you instantly become the owner of information about the rules of one of the above proposed varieties of poker, strategies and other subtleties.

Now such a variety of thisclub game like poker omaha. Its rules are not so complicated if you give them enough time and training to study. This kind of poker appeared in the eighties in America. But back in the late 60's the game was roaming the country, very similar to modern poker Omaha, the rules of which, of course, differed. She changed a lot, until she finally went to one of the Las Vegas casinos. But this automatically meant for any game, that it would become popular. Therefore, officially the birthday of Omaha Poker is the same tournament in 1983.

The rules of the game in Omaha Poker are as follows: The game is played using a 52-sheet deck. The seniority of the cards remains the same, that is, the ace is the highest card, and the deuce is the youngest. The goal of this game is, of course, to win a bank that consists of bets made by players in the trading process. This can be done if you collect the best poker hand consisting of your own two cards, as well as three cards of the draw. Omaha Poker rules have such that the game starts with two mandatory bets of the two players sitting to the left of the dealer. And these bets are done in the dark and are called blinds. Their size varies commensurate with the cost of the game. Suppose, if the rates are equal to one or two dollars, then the first player will have to put the small blind - half a dollar, and the second - the big blind - one dollar. These bets are always made before the cards are dealt. After that, each player in the dark gets four cards. Then comes the stage of the game, called preflop. During it, the circle of trade is held, just on the basis of the four cards dealt, the redemption is not yet laid out.

Omaha Poker rules have such that tradingoccurs as follows: the first player is the player who sits to the left of the person who placed the big blind. In this case, he has the right to bet (bet), fold (pass), skip a move (check), call (raise) and raise (raise). It should be remembered that the size of the raise and the bet itself depends on the version of Omaha poker. Bidding is ongoing until all the players that remain in the game call the bets, but usually it is not more than three laps. The player who placed the big blind has the last word. Now, when all bets are collected in the bank, a draw is placed on the table in the amount of three cards, it is called a flop.

After the phlop trade continues, when the stakesequalized and added to the bank the dealer puts the fourth card on the table (turn). Before the fifth card (river), trade follows the same rules, as well as after it. Next, all the players that remain in the game open the cards. The winner is the one who managed to make the best combination of two of his cards and three common cards of the buy-in.

To determine the order of the first word forevery hand, you just have to go clockwise. Thus, Omaha - is a very interesting and fascinating version of poker, which originated from Texas Hold'em. Any self-respecting poker player must know the rules and be able to play it.

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