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Zinovy ​​Roizman is one of the most popularSoviet and Russian filmmakers and screenwriters. Also a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation is known as a witty publicist, a leading playwright and a versatile writer. Everyone who has had a chance to talk or work with Zinovy ​​Alexandrovich, recognize that he is a kind, intelligent, wise man, fascinating from the first minutes of acquaintance. This outstanding filmmaker does not participate in various secular events, but at the same time occupies a high position in the film business of Russia.

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short biography

Zinovy ​​Roizman, contemporary director, was bornin the beginning of September of the terrible 1941 in the suffering from the occupation of the allied fascist Germany by the Romanian soldiers Odessa. Shortly before the final occupation, the family of the future director was removed from the Ukrainian port and moved to Central Asia. After numerous trips the family settled in Tashkent. Before entering the evening department of the directing department of the Theatrical Institute. AN Ostrovsky in the capital of Uzbekistan Zinovy ​​Roizman worked at the plant for the production of plastic products in the position of an ordinary welder. In 1964 Zinovy ​​Alexandrovich became the director of the national film company "Uzbekfilm".

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Early Creativity

Zinovy ​​Roizman, whose filmography includesUzbek and Russian films, is the director of more than 10 cartoons, the author and the director of many episodes of the national satirical newsreel "Nashtar". During the same period Roizman wrote the play "Golden Chamois" and a series of children's books, which are published in the publishing houses of Tashkent. In the 60's Zinovy ​​Roizman began to work in the game cinema. He stands in the hypostasis of the second director in the military dramas "In the 26th Do not Shoot" and "Feat of Farhad", in the social cinema "Chinara".

His independent directorial debutbecomes the feature film "House under the hot sun" (1977), which was awarded four awards at the Yerevan Film Festival. However, in the chaotic 90th director, after the release of the realistic and tragic "Code of Silence", it becomes unsuitable for the new authorities of the republic, therefore, in 1992, Uzbekistan leaves. Being in forced creative vacations, Zinovy ​​Aleksandrovich settles in the capital small-sized book, which was given to him by his mother, leaving the borders of the Russian Federation.

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Return to the screen

For a while, Roizman worked for NTV ina post of the director of dubbing. The return of the director to fruitful creative activity was promoted by G. Groshev - editor-in-chief of the Screen, producers I. Demidov, V. Arseniev and A. Razbash. After collaborating with D. Brusnikin on the production of a multi-series television program "Chekhov and Co," Roizman confirmed his status as a popular and successful stage director. By the way, all the stars of the Moscow Art Theater, O. Efremov and E. Maiorova took part in the film. They performed their last roles in the cinema, including.

After there were such pictures: the thriller "Empire under attack", the criminal insurgent "Hunting on the asphalt", the adventures of "Drongo", the historical military film "The Last Armored Train" and the detective drama "Twins".

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Romance of achievement

Zinoviy Aleksandrovich prefers to shootaction-packed films: detectives, adventures, criminal insurgents and historical dramas. The producer worked a lot in the serial movie. One of the most famous and significant works of the director is the film "Smersh" - a detective with elements of an action movie on the theme of the Great Patriotic War. Domestic film critics on a five-point system rated the mini-series for four, noting that, in comparison with the movie "Death to Spies," Royzman's project is more believable and realistic. The actions of the main characters - chekists and bandits - have a documentary basis. Of course, the film "Smersh" has certain drawbacks - replay, inconsistencies - but they do not determine the overall background and artistic value of the picture.

Currently, Zinovy ​​Roizman lives andworks in the Russian capital. His filmography after "Smersh" was supplemented with the picture "Officers 2", criminal fighters with elements of the thriller "Escape 2" and "There are no Exists", with military dramas "Snipers: Love under sight", "Clear Sky" and "Fighters. The last battle".

In an interview with the media, the director often calls histhe most significant projects are the debut "The House Under the Hot Sun" and the TV movie "Everyone has his own war". The director was expecting to shoot the last episode for seven years, after the release of the film the film was highly appreciated by film critics and spectators-inhabitants.

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