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He is called the Russian Mr. Bean. In the speeches of this artist a minimum of words, he plays with his face and body, but how accurate are the marks created by him images! And this is because he finds scenes for future reprises, watching people and their behavior in different life situations: at a disco, beach, in a store, anywhere. He enjoys the public of all ages. He is an artist, master of pantomime, humorist, parodist.

Yury Askarov: biography of the artist

He was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1977 ina small town of Kansk. Yuri's father worked in the Leningrad Drama Theater. It is not surprising that the little Jura from childhood had an interest in the scene, although he did not originally plan to become an artist. He saw himself in psychology, he even got a proper education, but, while still a student, he successfully realized himself on the KVN stage. As a result, the real calling led Yuri to GITIS. Here he meets a popular at that time the leading humorous show R. Dubovitskaya. His talent did not go unnoticed, and soon Yuri Askarov was already in the "Anshlag".

The scope of the project was very short fora young artist, he wanted to realize himself in other genres and directions. The Taganka Theater was the next step in the creative career. Mikhail Kokshenov appreciated the comic talent of Yuri Askarov, inviting for filming in his films. Thus came the birth of "The Nephew or Russian Business 2", "The Jubilee of the Prosecutor" and "Love-Service".

yury Askarov

In 2004, Yuri Askarov joined the personalfilmography another role, very small, but very bright, in the film "I love you." The film was awarded at Kinotavr and won a prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

A talented person is talented in everything.

Yuri Askarov is not only a film actor. He is a constant participant in many Russian humorous shows. Without him, photography rarely took place. In different years, Yuri Askarov was busy in the projects "Full House", "Saturday Evening", "Figley-Migli", "Laughing is allowed", "Crooked Mirror".

On the account of a humorist and a parodist about 1000Yuri Askarov is known and loved in Russia, Israel, America, Austria, France and Germany. The artist successfully collaborated with such stars as Demi Moore, Adriano Celentano, Ashton Kutcher, Toto Cutugno, Patricia Kaas.

Samba Askarov

Within the framework of the project "Dancing with the Stars" appeareda new star of the parquet - Yuri Askarov. Photos of this colorful show captured a stunning samba with E. Vaganova, the dance made a huge impression on the audience. Yuri was not only a very plastic and artistic partner, but also a talented and hardworking student.

Yury Askarov biography

Outside the stage

Yuri Askarov, so open on the stage,The details of his personal life can not be tolerated by the public. He is firmly convinced: the less people around him know about his private life, the happier it develops. The artist is married. Together with his wife Yusuf's son is raised. Close people are bored when Yuri is on the road, but everyone understands that this is a job, and when they see with what positive charge, even if he is tired, Yuri returns home, they rejoice with him.

Yury Askarov photo

The artist does not suffer from a "star" disease. In communication, Yuri Askarov is democratic and simple. The artist's rider does not include any special requirements and wishes. The only thing he categorically insists on is that there should be no strangers in the dressing room, and he had the opportunity to concentrate before the performance.

Earlier, Yury Askarov was friends with actor AlexeiChadov. To date, the closest friend considers his colleague on the stage Sergei Drobotenko. Yuri leads an active charitable work, full of plans for the future. The most valuable treasure, according to the artist, is to hear the audience applause. And this he has after every step on the scene.

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