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Evgeny Gor (Gorshechkov) is not known todayonly as a companion of Nadezhda Babkina's life, but also as a talented vocalist, participant of various festivals and competitions, television programs and festive concerts in Russia. Rumors about his novel with Hope go for more than ten years. But not many know what kind of person Evgeni is really ...

Gore Eugene. Biography

Zhenya was born in Izhevsk on the last day of March1980 year. The guy went to a regular school. After his graduation, he enters the Faculty of Philology in the specialty of an interpreter. After graduating from the university received a diploma of an interpreter, teacher of English, a philologist. But Eugene always drawn to creativity, therefore, in parallel with studying in high school, he is engaged in the studio of vocals and already in 2002 receives a diploma.

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Evgeny Gor is a laureate of the internationalscale "Golden Hit", which was held in 2003 in Belarus. At this event, Zhenya received the award "For the best vocal" and the prize of audience sympathy. The first prize of the contest "Slavianski Bazaar", which was held in Vitebsk, Yevgeny Gore was in 2004. Here Gore emphasized the author's works, despite the fact that he had in his arsenal more than fifty works of various genres. The third prize was won by the vocalist at the First All-Russian Variety Contest. Now the artist continues to participate in various events, pleasing the listener with his interesting songs, he also creates new music.

Acquaintance with Babkina

When Eugene took part in one of thecompetitions, he met Nadezhda Babkina. He was then twenty-three years old, and she was fifty-three. After this meeting, the young man began to work in her team, as an experienced singer decided to help the guy become famous. But the press notes that the artists were connected not only with creativity, although each of them did not like to talk about his personal life. It is only known that after this meeting Hope became more cheerful, younger, more active.

Despite the number of years that Yevgeny Gore, Nadezhda Babkina appears in a secular get-together with him. They are together not only in high society, but also in fitness, nightclubs.

Personal life

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While Eugene Gor did not offer Babkin. The singer herself noted that they are bound by friendly relations. But she tries to spend all her free time with the young guy.

And more recently it became known that a coupleconnect a romantic relationship. They are not confused by the thirty-year age difference. Babkin even officially introduced Horus in high society, to her friends she declares that he is her favorite person. Babkina believes that Eugene was sent to her by God. A few months before her acquaintance, she talked with the old man, who predicted her fatal meeting. In the Mountain, she fell in love immediately, with time the guy responded to her in return.

For the sake of her love, Nadezhda dropped superfluous kilograms, began to visit beauty salons and changed her wardrobe. She herself asked me to call her "Nadenka," and Eugene did not mind.

Now you can meet a couple on the shooting of various programs and shows. Together they attend parties, night clubs and so on.

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Evgeny Gor is today a professionalthe vocalist. He began recently to work on his debut album, which will include well-known songs, as well as new works, the author of which will be the artist himself. Before the release of the album, he flies to America for six months.

In addition to vocals, Zhenya is engaged in real estate business.

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Eugene Gore always says that weddings withBabkin never will be with him, since he is a freedom-loving person. He does not like to be injured. Moreover, the couple also do not plan to have children. Gore argues that he always works in the first place, and love goes on with time ... It's not known how Hope took such statements, but I want to believe that everything will work out for the couple!

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