Poker Combinations: The first thing you need to know about this game

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Poker is a special kind of card game,the goal of which, of course, is to win - winning the bet by collecting the so-called combination of poker, the highest in comparison with the combinations of other players, or because all the opponents in the game will stop participating. The rules of poker do not remain unchanged - depending on the variety of the game, they can become different (for example, the "strength" of the combinations changes). But still there is in all types of poker and something in common - the presence of combinations as such and the trade that takes place throughout the game. In addition, poker (as well as many other games called "salon") is considered a game with incomplete information, because players do not have the ability to plan the current game based on the past.

One of the rarest varieties of the gamethe name of poker is "Razz". In principle, poker rules "Razz" - the player who has the weakest combination "hand" wins. Large combinations such as "Flash" or "Street" are not considered, and "Pairs" double the probability of winning. The game starts with the fact that all players receive three cards - one open and two "dark" cards. Trade is completed after the cards are opened, after which players receive four more (one - open, the rest - closed). After the conducted trade, the winner is declared - the one who has the best hands in his hands - weak "hands". It should be noted that the aces in this form of poker are low cards, so you can build the game on them just like in the classic poker version.

The strongest combination when playing pokeris considered a "Royal Flush", which is a combination of five cards ("hand") in descending order from the ace (A, K, Q, J, 10), necessarily the same suit. This "hand" is the strongest, no other combination can be stronger. Second in value - "Street Flush", or five cards of the same suit in order. In addition, the player can collect combinations such as "Kare" (four cards of the same value of all stripes), "Full House" (full house, or a combination of three cards of the same value with two of the other) and "Flash" (a combination of five different values cards of the same suit). The last combination can simultaneously meet at several players, and in this case the one who has the common combination of cards is older wins.

Combinations in poker according to seniority are oversuch sets of cards as "Street" (five cards of any suit in order), "Three" (three cards of the same value), in which the other two cards do not matter, "Two Pairs" (a pair of cards of the same rank, and one pair of cards of a different value), as well as a "pair". In some versions of poker, there is also a combination such as "High card". Collect any of the combinations in the course of the game is possible, but the stronger the "hand", the less likely it is to be assembled.

You can take part in a poker game 2-10human. Decks for poker play different, containing from 32 to 54 cards, but usually for the game uses a standard (52-sheet) deck, which indicates equivalent suits. The values ​​of all cards are located on the descending line - from the ace and below (king, queen, jack, and so on), and it is from these cards that poker combinations are formed. Summarizing, it should be noted that the next game wins the participant who did not fold and remained in the game, and also kept the strongest poker hand. The winner receives all bets made by all players. Bets during one batch can grow, since everyone who stays at the table does not "fold", must confirm his intention to continue with stakes. It is possible to make bets equal to those made by other players or exceeding them - it is not important, since often the raise of the bet is used during the bluff, there are not the strongest players in the hands of the players, but there is the opportunity to deceive the others.

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