How is TNT decoded, and what is the secret of its success?

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In the years of rapid development of the television marketRussia, when the country was freed from ideological monotony, TV screens flooded with various quality television channels. Many of them disappeared, many remained, but significantly reduced the area of ​​distribution of their signal. However, the channel "TNT" managed to climb to the heights of the television Olympus and gain a foothold there.

How is TNT deciphered?

Components of success

The way "TNT" is deciphered - "Your NewTelevision "immediately predetermined its development and evolution towards the entertainment and youth channel. It would seem that there are enough channels on Russian television, so what attracts its viewers? Let's try to figure out: TNT's target audience is mostly young people, but it is not easy as a social group, but as the most promising part of it - it is on them that many programs of this channel are oriented, while the team of the company tries to select new faces with the help of any castings that reveal talented parties young people who, with due effort, may well join the characters of the series and participants, various reality shows, and all other people are undoubtedly interested in watching the vicissitudes of the television career of their neighbor, relative and just acquaintance. continue to grow.

Quality of TNT

The secrets of the popularity of the channel

How is "TNT" decoded, and should itTo be presented: the overwhelming majority of people in our country like the game of KVN, like fresh jokes, bright and non-standard humor. A greater number of former participants of the popular program are shot on this channel, moreover, they are his business card. Suffice it to mention the "Comedy Club" and its residents, each of which passed the crucible of humorous selection. The quality of "TNT" and the transmission of its production is highly appreciated by TV men for their originality, diversity and an attempt to make the channel interactive, giving each person a chance to flash on air. "Kamedi-Battle" annually replenishes the channel bank with real humorous masterpieces. It is also popular with Russian viewers for the lack of news programs, analysts, political and economic programs, which makes TNT a fashionable channel for young people.

TNT channel

The concept of the company

Creators did not long think how to decipher"TNT", they immediately came up with the main idea of ​​the new channel - a new, fun, positive - these are the three pillars on which the success of the new television is based. A large number of airtime creators were given under sitcoms - it's a comedy genre, ridiculous situations, which gets a person. All TV series "TNT" are very popular: "Univer", "Interns", "Real boys", "Zaitsev plus one" and many others. At the same time, each creative, talented group can try its hand at this channel, and if the audience will love their work, then we can say that the registration at TNT frequency is ensured.

How is "TNT" decoded? "Your New Television" means a fresh approach, original solutions, like-minded people. It is enough to show imagination, to give space to creative thinking - and the channel in the literal sense of the word will be yours!

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