Useful hobby: making flowers from bottles

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flowers from bottles
Hobby everyone chooses to their liking, but allwill agree that if it brings not only pleasure, but also a benefit, then this is the best leisure possible. In this article, we will consider another option for creating beautiful things from improvised tools. Old bottles accumulate in geometric progression. We throw them out or we put them into processing, but meanwhile they will make very beautiful flowers. With due diligence and skill, of course. So, we try to make flowers from bottles of different kinds.

The stems

First, we prepare the grounds for flowers. To do this, we cut the entire bottle in a spiral - from the neck to the base. Interrupt the spiral is not necessary, just cut in a circle, turning the bottle. We will get a very long strip of plastic. It needs to be heated and turned into sufficiently stable stems. Heated stalk can be twisted to make something like an icicle. Flowers from bottles on such stems will look very pretty. Do not forget to just choose a bottle of green.


how to make a flower out of a bottle

Let's start our flower bouquet with these flowers,because how to make them very simple. Take an empty bottle of the right color, cut it with "noodles" from the bottom to the neck. Now you need to twist this thread into a flower style. You may need to heat again. For this purpose, an ordinary candle is suitable. The center of the finished flower looks empty. We will insert into it another similar twisted blank for density and volume. If you do not have a bottle of the right color, then you can always color the finished flower. It is best to use paint in aerosols. You can also cover the flower with mother of pearl and decorate with sequins to create a brilliant effect.


For these colors, we need to cut a circle frombottle and cut it into petals. Then it's still easier and more creative. Using a candle, heat the petals and wrap them nicely. Note that the plastic heats up very quickly, and you can get burned. Use tweezers or gloves. Tweezers you need and for other masterpieces, so we recommend you buy it if you intend to do it seriously. If you are just interested in the answer to the question of how to make a flower from a bottle, then, as you can see, it's quite simple. As soon as your workpiece with curls is made, on the same principle we will prepare one more, smaller radius. We fix them together with glue, and in the center we will insert a beautiful bead or rhinestones. Our flower is ready. It can be painted with special paint from a can, no one will guess that such are flowers from bottles.

flowers from bottles for a garden
And many more things

Cutting the round petals by curling them withcandles and strung on the stem, you get an interesting rose or peony. Similarly, you can make flowers from bottles for garden or house decor. And if you just paint chaotically the bottles, and then cut them into sharp petals, then it's for you and gerberas, and Jerusalem artichoke flowers, and everything that your fantasy tells. So you can decorate your garden and make it "evergreen". Flowers from bottles can look so elegant and bright that they are not ashamed and give, and put in a vase, and decorate your house. Check it out on your own experience.

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