Daniel Negreanu is a professional poker player: biography, interesting facts

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The most famous and successful poker player,Daniel Negreanu, predicted the fate of professional snooker. Most of his time he spent in the billiard room of the city of Toronto, where, being constantly in an atmosphere of gambling, including poker, and decided to try his fate. This circumstance became decisive in his later life. Success and skill immediately manifested in the young man. Soon, Toronto's gaming halls became tight, and he moved to Las Vegas.

Kid Poker

The most famous player in the world

To date, Daniel Negreanu isthe most famous and recognizable poker player. He has a large number of admirers, the number of which is constantly growing due to the openness and goodwill of the player. His success is connected not only with his professional abilities, but also with his amazing interpersonal skills. He has long been known as a wonderful storyteller. Daniel is fascinating and colorful can describe any, even absolutely unremarkable event that happened at the poker table. But these are his character traits, and his talents for playing poker are simply legends, he can read his opponents so well that sometimes it seems that he sees cards through and through.

Biography of Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, whose biography is not differentfrom millions of others, lived in a simple and well-off family. The future millionaire was born in one of the Canadian states, in the city of Toronto, in 1974, on July 29. His parents were emigrants who, eight years before his birth, moved from Romania to Canada for permanent residence. About Annie's mother and father Constantine there is practically no data. It is only known that they prophesied to their son the professional career of a player in billiards.

Daniel Negreanu biography

Playing billiards, he was always closefrom poker players, and by the time he was 15, he had already learned to play well in him. The game immediately completely absorbed Daniel, he even sacrificed his studies and, not finishing high school, moved to the professional level of poker, and began to regularly attend poker tournaments. In his city, he meets a professional at the time poker player Evelyn Ng, adopting strategies and gaining invaluable experience.

The tragic events of 1996 pushed the young manthink about your future and take it in your hands. This year, his father dies, and Daniel Negreanu decides to move to Las Vegas. He went to the "sunny city" to fulfill his cherished dream - to become the best and most famous player in the world.

The first serious tournament

Analyzing its capabilities and taking part inseveral tournaments, which were arranged by the owners of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, gaining experience, Daniel realized that he was ready for something more. His abilities could be envied by professional masters. After gaining more experience and knowledge, in 1997 he participates in a competition called World Poker Finals, held in Foxwood. He did not win a big cash win, however he got the call of the best player of this tournament.

Poker Tournaments

The youngest player

After another year Negreanu participates in morea serious tournament called World Seriesof Poker. Daniel Negreanu again wins this tournament, but already leaves with a significant gain of 169 460 dollars. But the most important thing for Daniel is the title of the youngest player who won the WSOP gold bracelet. But on this he did not stop and began to collect gold bracelets. The second he received in 2003, a year later was awarded the third and in 2008 received the fourth honorable gold bracelet.

It was such a significant victory that up to2005, his achievement could not be surpassed. After the rain, the victories in serious competitions with significant monetary winnings fell. For example, at a major Borgata Poker Open tournament, a poker player won $ 1,117,400, and at Five Diamond World Poker Classic his winnings already amounted to $ 1,770,218.

Poker Player

Accepts Daniel Negreanu and actively participates in theless prestigious WPT series competitions, in which he is not so lucky, but still he always remains on the list of tournament leaders. Daniel plays also in Circuit tournaments, in a series of games he gets a prize already in the amount of 755 525 dollars

Honored award

2005 was the most significant for the player, after allThis year, there are awards for poker players, and Daniel gets the rank of Poker Ambassador. This kind of rewarding takes place for the first time at Wynn Las Vegas. And the next year he is awarded and given the title of Favorite Poker Player. The receipt of such prestigious awards did not pass without a trace, not only people closely associated with poker learned about it. At this time, world fame comes to him.

Under him write a video game, the protagonist of whichbecomes a poker player, as evidenced by the name of the video game "Stack with Daniel Negreanu." The most famous writer of books about poker Doyle Brunson, when decides to write the continuation of his book The Super System II, which became a bestseller, invites to become a co-author of Negreanu. Most experts argue that the book that Doyle wrote in collaboration with Daniel, and to this day is the best in the world.

Daniel Negreanu

Anyone can play poker with the famous Internet player in the game Poker Stars.

During the poker game, he achieved significantsuccesses and was able to increase its capital by $ 10,000,000. By the amount of winnings all over the world, he is second only to Jamie Gold, who was given $ 12,000,000 as a prize for winning the Main Event WSOP in 2006.

Interesting facts about Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is considered diversifiedman, he has a lot of different hobbies. He participates in writing books, sometimes not only as a co-author. On his own, he wrote a book on poker, called "Hold'em Wisdom for All Players". After a while, his next book on poker "Effective Strategy of Holdem", designed to help understand the basics and secrets of this version of poker, is released.

The player is shot in the programs and films. The most famous of his roles in the film "The X-Men. Start. Wolverine ", as well as in the movie" Lucky ". It can be seen in the video for the song of Waking Up In Vegas singer Katy Perry.

Daniel also took part in the World Series of Golf. And since 2000, decided to become a vegetarian. However, I thought that this would not be enough, and since 2006 he is vegan.

Daniel Negreanu in poker circles is better known by the nickname Kid Poker.

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