"Poker Face" is more than a term. Fundamentals of Poker

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Over the past decade, the popularity of pokerhas reached unprecedented heights. It is played by millions, regardless of gender and age. It was in Russia that the enchanting performance of Ivan Demidov at the 2008 World Championship in poker became the impetus for the popularization of this card game. It was not easy his way, but still the player reached the final table, where he took second place and became the vice-champion of the world, receiving huge prize money.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Test your abilities and try to snatcha tasty slice of a pie in the form of millions of dollars is a lot of hunters. In the largest poker tournaments, both live and on the expanses of online poker rooms, not one hundred willing people, including beginners, gather daily. The last, first and foremost, is to understand the terminology of poker, to thoroughly study the rules and, undoubtedly, have the courage and determination to play for money.

"Poker Face" - this is not given to everyone

Whatever one may say, the game for money is accompanied byconstant stress state, it sometimes has to be bluffed. Here comes the well-known expression: "Poker Face". This is a state where the appearance of the player after a series of game actions becomes absolutely unperturbed. Not all players will perfectly master themselves. Many beginners experienced poker players bite into two accounts for certain mimic movements.

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Hence the question arises: "Poker Face" is an innate inner state? Or is it quite realistic, having learned all the subtleties of the game, eventually learn to bluff so coolly? One can not say with absolute certainty that having played a year or two, you will cease to be absolutely worried and nervous. But that your actions will become natural, will leave stiffness - that's for sure.

Tricky tricks of professionals

Looking at the poker star as he plays -aggressively and unperturbed, it is a mistake to think that he does not worry. "Poker Face" - this is just a mask, inside the player is a real volcano of emotions and emotions. In order not to betray themselves, experienced players resort to tricky methods. During the distribution, they completely abstract from others and just look at one point, absolutely not responding to the questions and attacks of opponents.

Poker Terminology

So it's easier to control yourself. Because your opponent can in every way try to lead you to a response, asking provocative questions, thereby gathering information about the strength of your combination.

Experts believe that trying to develop their ownpoker face abilities can everyone. In addition to constant gaming practice, it is recommended to study special literature and practice all sorts of techniques.

The main thing is not to overdo it and do not overdo itin training. And then the risk is great instead of the virtuoso of the game, who knows how to masterfully manipulate facial expressions, to turn into a braked, monotonously indifferent reaction to all vital stimuli phlegmatic.

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