How in Minecraft do the enchantment table quickly and correctly?

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How in Minecraft to make an enchantment table
Minecraft is remarkable for the fact that constantly anddynamically developing. Each time it appears a variety of interesting elements and tools. This endless world offers to engage in any interesting craft, to fight or just to explore. Of course, without magic items, the game would not be so attractive and exciting. Therefore, it is possible to enchant a variety of objects here. You can do this with a special table. But how in Minecraft do the enchantment table?

What is this table and what is it for?

For the first time, the founder of Minecraft, the legendary Marcus Pearson, spoke about him. He wrote that he finally realized his own dream - he realized magic in his favorite game.

Minecraft how to make an enchantment table
The enchanting table is a magical altar, onwhich can enchant almost any object. It can be labor tools, a variety of weapons, and garments. This is done to improve the game characteristics of objects. Therefore, without this unique altar in the game, in essence, it is impossible. The most often enchanted are such things as bow, sword or armor. However, in earlier versions it was not known what effect would be imposed on the enchanted subject Minecraft. How to make a table of enchantment is an actual and very serious matter for any newcomer.

History of appearance

Magic - this is one of the main components of any hit game. Therefore, in Minecraft, it appeared almost immediately. The enchanting table was first introduced in the same premiere in 2011.

The admired master of persons toldto numerous fans of the game, that when you approach this "table of enchantment", the book on it automatically unfolds and scrolls pages. At the same time, several special spells in the special galactic SGA language were seen above the table. But in the first version of the game was a flaw: after server overloading data about the enchanted items were not saved. In the following issues, these nuances have already been taken into account and corrected. Also, the question was slightly refined, as in Minecraft to make the enchantment table. Now it can be greatly improved with the help of special bookcases. Only to put them is required in a strictly defined order, otherwise nothing will come of it.

How to create an enchantment table

How to make a table in Minecraft
Any Minecraft user can create a table.The possibilities of enchanted objects depend solely on the level of mastery of the creator. At the same time, all experience of mastery when creating any magic item is translated into special glasses for performing witchcraft.

Before you make a table in Minecraft, you need to stock up on several important and rare details. In order to table the table, you need to find or purchase such blocks:

- 1 book;

- 2 diamonds;

- 3 or 4 blocks of rare obsidian.

They are installed in a certain order, and only after that you can press a special button, after which the table is ready for use.

How to enchant a selected object?

Before you make a table in Minecraftyou need to choose a place. This peculiar altar is installed in any place you like. But there is one trick - for a better effect of enchantment, down to the last, level 50, you need to surround the table with cabinets. They should be about 30 pieces, and they should stand in strict sequence.

To cast a spell on any object, you need to click onthe table itself. This opens the interface, where you can put an object to the left, and on the right you can select the effect of enchantment. Each such action is worth a certain experience. The downside is that all witchcraft properties are written in an incomprehensible player language. After the enchantment, the object even looks different - the whole is glowing and shimmering, and the name of the effect appears under the icon.

In any modern game, magic acts differently,as in Minecraft. Make an enchanting table to improve the properties of any subject only here. This is the highlight of the modern hit game-designer.

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