Why can not I say hello through the doorstep? Signs and superstitions

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A black cat ran across the road, looked ina broken mirror, give money after the sunset loan, say hello through the doorstep - these and other beliefs are familiar to all people, and many try not to do what they say. But where did these signs come from and should they really be afraid? For example, why can not you say hello through the doorstep? This will be discussed in the article.

Signs of other countries

Before you start thinking about the truthone or another belief, it is worth noting that a sign that in one country promises something bad, in another place can have a completely different meaning, and even the opposite. This applies to lucky numbers, the same black cats and much more. Therefore, this fact can already say that beliefs are based on beliefs, but blindly believing in them and starting to worry every time, if something like this has happened, it is absolutely not worth it.

why you can not say hello through the doorstep

Where did the belief come from?

It is quite obvious that most of the beliefs andwill come from distant times, when our ancestors walked on the earth. At that time, magic was more important, and there were much more unexplained things, so events that did not have a banal or logical explanation gave some mystical interpretation. It was then that the so-called sympathetic magic was born, or the magic of similarity. At that time, it was believed that this gives birth to this, so the warriors wore carved figures of their prey, sorcerers drew the death of enemies and believed that in reality something similar would happen to them. This kind of magic takes place today. Most widely it is practiced in voodoo magic, where a doll of the enemy is pierced, burned, heated, torn away parts of the body, and the prototype of the doll must at the same time experience real pain from these bullying.

A lot of superstitions came from simple observations. For example, an ancient man went hunting, and before that he looked into something that preceded the present mirrors. The hunt was unsuccessful, and the mirror was to blame for everything. By the way, before him people have been afraid for a long time, because it is believed that the mirror is a passage to another world, and you can not joke with him.

why you can not shake hands by the door

Why can not I say hello through the doorstep?

This sign is quite old. Similarly, as with the story of a broken mirror and the passage to another world, things are going on with the doors to the living quarters. The house has always been considered a fortress, and the native walls must be protected from both real enemies and fictitious ones. At least so it was considered in ancient times. Even now a modern person feels at home in safety, although of course it does not go about spirits. In ancient times, the front door was considered the boundary of two worlds, namely the world of nature, where spirits live, and the world of the house. To overcome this border is simply not possible, therefore evil can not enter the house, but if a person greets through the threshold, it thereby opens the passage, and any evil spirits can enter the house. That's why you can not say hello through the doorstep. It is believed that it is necessary to cross the border of the house. Similarly, you can not pass anything through the threshold.

why you can’t greet over the threshold

Doors and Vampires

Why you can not greet the hand over the threshold? Today, few people believe in otherworldly forces or vampires, but sometimes in books or movies you can find information that a vampire can cross the borders of a dwelling only at the invitation of the owner of the house. This is also explained by the fact that the door delimits the worlds. Perhaps a greeting across the threshold is also forbidden because of the fear of letting these creatures into the house.

The first owner of the house

There is another explanation of the belief thatyou can not greet through the threshold of the hand. What is this action foreshadowing? What will it lead to? In the old days, it was considered normal to bury the first owner of the house, and sometimes the one who built the dwelling, right under the threshold. It was believed that the spirit of the dead would protect the home from evil forces, while, having greeted him through the threshold, one could anger the first owner and thereby disturb his peace, which would entail various troubles. Now there is no such rule, therefore the explanation of the reason disappeared by itself, but nobody cancels the veracity of this version.

you can't say hello over the threshold

Muslim version of omens

Many Muslim countries also believe in thiswill take. Why not greet through the threshold? According to Muslims, gins live on the doorstep, and this way of greeting the owners of the house can wake the spirits, which will cause their discontent. An interesting point is the fact that Muslims in general are strictly forbidden to do anything on the threshold - to put on shoes, to undress, to sit on it, to attack and to perform any other actions.


The version of the Slavs is quite similar. Why not greet through the threshold? Because in brownies believe to this day. It is believed that this is the little master of the house, who maintains order in it. He can live in a closet, somewhere behind the stove, and can hide under the threshold. And a handshake through him is a concern for the defender.

say hello over the threshold

Threshold of other nations

In general, superstitions associated with the threshold existnot only among the Slavs or Muslims. It was believed that among the ancient Mongols, greeting the threshold meant practically desecrating housing. In ancient Rome, the threshold was considered the abode of the goddess of chastity Vesta.

But the Americans have no such signs will notand once there was a funny story in space. The Russian crew welcomed the American astronauts aboard the ISS, and when the shuttle with the newly arrived cosmonauts docked to the station, the Russians did not respond to the shaking of their foreign colleagues, as it was at the docking site. Of course, later we figured out the situation, but on the video from surveillance cameras it looked very strange and ugly.

Obviously, this sign concerns only those who greet people with a handshake, and it is quite possible to simply say hello through the door in verbal form.

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