Why can not you step over the barbell: the five most inexplicable superstitions

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Many people with mother's milk absorb themselvesthe strangest information. For example, when a black cat runs across the road, they begin to zap over the shoulder or cross themselves. Rarely does anyone know the answer to the question of why it is impossible to step over the bar? Or how much more dangerous is the number thirteen? We accept this as an immutable truth, passed on from generation to generation. Here are the most popular superstitions and prejudices. The appearance of each of which is understandable, although not always rational.

Why can not you step over the bar

Why can not you step over the barbell?

This is a fairly common superstition inathletes. For bodybuilders, the bar is a kind of "sacred cow". They do not want to offend an inanimate object, which they deal with every day. By the unspoken rules of the athletes, the bar can not step over, kick and sit on it. Although some, especially temperamental bodybuilders, in their hearts give the projectile a kick. For this they have a chance to get the same from their relief colleagues. In sports circles there were brawls over disrespectful attitude towards the bar. No kidding. Even in the event of a fall, athletes prefer to land their belly on the neck, rather than cross the shell. By the way, if you inadvertently cross the bar at competitions, the judges can completely cancel the approach. That's sorted out with the first "why". You can not step over the bar - the first superstition in the ranking of the most inexplicable signs.

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Why does a black cat fail?

Superstition about "they say, no luck, if the blackthe cat will cross the road "is very offensive to the cat-owners. They assure: science has proved that it is black cats who are the most calm, affectionate, benevolent and not at all dangerous to people. This sign came from the time of the King of England, Charles the First. He started a black cat for luck, but for some reason she did not want to bring her. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that witches can transform into this graceful four-fingered. Therefore, the black cat that crossed the road was a sure sign that the devil was watching the man. To protect themselves from witchcraft spells, people spit three times over their left shoulder.

Why is the number 13 causing fear?

Now our list will be replenished with the most ancientprejudices. Fear of number 13 originates in Scandinavia. In the mythology of the Scandinavian countries it is said of Loki's unwelcome guest - the god of discord and evil - who came to the Valhalla feast without an invitation. It so happened that Loki was the thirteenth guest. Other gods did not want to endure the evil god at the table and tried to drive him out, resulting in a brawl and the god of spring and light Baldur was killed. Suspicion to the number 13 gradually spread to European countries. Fear of him increased in Christianity. It is believed that Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ, was the thirteenth guest at the table.

superstitions and prejudices

Especially superstitious people are still not tryingto face a mystical number. Some developers "skip" in the numbering of floors number 13. Others do not assign important events for this date. And Friday the 13th for many becomes a personal "Armageddon."

Why can not I walk under a standing staircase?

This superstition is one of the oldest. He is over 5 thousand years old. It was born in Ancient Egypt and has a very simple explanation: a staircase with a wall form a sacred form for the Egyptians - a triangle. Therefore, the passage through it was equated with the desecration of the gods.

Later the stairs were attributed to the demonicquality: evil, betrayal, death. Since she was put on the cross with the crucified Jesus Christ. And in the good old England under the stairs had to go through all the criminals on the way to the gallows.

Why does scattered salt lead to quarrels and failures?

This will also take about 5 thousand years. Even before our era, the ancient Sumerians, when the salt was scattered, neatly collected it and threw it over the left shoulder to avoid misfortune. Later this ritual was picked up by the Egyptians and Greeks.

Salt as a seasoning was expensive. Therefore, with those who scattered it, often quarreled relatives.

We figured out the five most popular superstitions and prejudices. And now the question of why you can not step over the bar, you know what to answer.

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